Safely In Danger

To feel both safe and endangered:
Laid upon the altar of an anvil,
Watching the hammer of her hurtling down –

Or stretched, flesh bared, atop the embers
That snap, crackling, from her eyes, each spark
A love bite branded into skin –

Or frozen in place, pinned by the crosshairs
Of her sharpshooter words, each syllable
A shot fired: bulls-eye.

To feel enfolded by the arms, cradled by the hands
Even while their clawed apices grip me by body and soul;
To shudder at the caress of warm breath against neck
Even while being seared from tip to tail by the flame of her:

Swept up, I have been, into this cyclone,
Surfing its winds like waves and laughing at the vertigo,
Knowing I will not fall for I have already fallen,
And each petechial medal proclaims me not only survivor
But victor.

Whisked into the storm, yes, I have been,
But as it whirls ever stronger and faster around the eye of her
I am carried away not by a current of fear but a tide of joy and,
Closing my eyes, I give myself to it, let it wash over me,
And drown.


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