Review: Crash Pad Vol. 6

Crash Pad Vol. 6: Wide Open is the latest in Shine Louise Houston’s famous series of episodes involving real, queer sex. Like the rest of the DVDs, this one features vignettes of queer duos—either real-life couples or pairings just for filming purposes—getting it on in whatever way they do best. In Volume 6 we see all sorts of things from boot licking to cock sucking, belt lashing to bondage, queer femmes to transguys and more.

I also have Volumes 4 and 5 and loved them both, so I was really excited about Volume 6, but unfortunately it fell a little flat for me. I did enjoy the scene between James Darling and Cyd Loverboy—there is something so hot about someone being tied up and forced to admit their secret desires—and also the scene between Tina Horn (a favorite of mine) and Casey Grey because (a) Tina Horn really does have an amazing ass and (b) Casey Grey is one fucking HOT Top, but otherwise I felt like the chemistry between the participants was a little lacking. And I’m sorry, but as much as I love Syd Blakovich, I really have no interest in watching massage in a porn video.

Another drawback that is unfortunately pretty consistent with all of the Crash Pad videos is that the sound quality isn’t very great. I can understand why this is, since I don’t believe there’s anyone in the room with the actors holding a boom mike over the bed, but it’s still really unfortunate because I’d like to hear the words being said and I’d like to hear the moans, groans and other sex noises more clearly. In fact, sometimes it frustrates me so much that I can’t hear what’s going on—despite my volume being turned all the way up—that it basically turns me off and makes me not want to watch the video. Maybe the actors also just aren’t speaking up enough; I don’t really know, but it can be a little aggravating in the less-than-pleasant way.

So there you have it. Would I classify Crash Pad Vol. 6 as horrible porn? No, I wouldn’t. It’s still real queer porn made by and for real queers. It’s certainly still a flying leap above your more stereotypical het or even lesbian porn. But if you’re interested in the Crash Pad Series, I would more highly recommend Volumes 4 or 5, or perhaps one of the earlier volumes which I have not yet had the pleasure of viewing.

Thank you Babeland for your continuing generosity in review products!


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