Review: PicoBong Kiki

Allow me to preface this review by saying: the Kiki clit vibe from Babeland is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s wee, it’s ferociously pink and it has the sweetest little curve to it that makes me want to dance it around singing the “Manah Manah” song.

Don’t ask me why.

Unfortunately, my affection for the Kiki vibe pretty much ends there. It’s just about all silicone except for the cap to the battery compartment on the end, which is nice. Easily cleanable, body safe, waterproof (I suspect they really mean splash-proof, as I wouldn’t necessarily submerge this vibe under water)–yes, yes, all good. Designed so you can use either the flat part of the head or the very tippy tip on your clit depending on your stimulation needs–wonderful.


In terms of getting me off.. well, masturbating with the Kiki is comparable to trying to kayak to Hawaii; it was an exercise in outright futility. I tried everything: holding off on masturbating for a few days to really heighten my arousal and sensitivity, coming first with another toy, using the Kiki on my clit–which they call a C-spot on the packaging, by the way; why the hell does the term “clit” need to be further mutated into “C-spot?” But I digress–while stimulating my G-spot with another toy.. nothing worked! I got close, but it was quite literally impossible to come using the Kiki. End of story.

Not only that, but the buttons about drove me nuts. The company inscribed their name–PicoBong–into the silicone along the side of the toy, and placed their “+” and “-” buttons inside the P and the B, which in theory is a clever idea. Unfortunately, the buttons aren’t raised at all so I had a very hard time accessing them while the Kiki vibe was still in contact with my clit. I would have to take the toy away from contact with my body and bring it up to eye level to be able to see enough to successfully turn the vibe strength up or down, which only added to the frustration of not being able to get off.

So, maybe you have a ridiculously, ludicrously sensitive clit that needs a lower strength vibration. Maybe you are in dire need of a near-silent vibrator (which this one is). Maybe you just like miniaturized things–I know a few of you out there! But realistically, if you’re going to spend your money and AAA batteries on a vibrator, I wouldn’t recommend the Kiki. It’s cute, but I prefer a vibe that gets the job done.

Thanks as always to Babeland for letting me review all these toys! The toys aren’t all winners, but Babeland’s generosity always wins.


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