Review: Neoprene Cuffs

I have to admit something: I’m a bondage novice. Particularly when it comes to rope bondage or anything intricate and time-consuming. I don’t have the skills and I definitely don’t have the patience (although I’m working on both). It would seem, then, that my preferred method of immobilizing someone would be to cuff them in some fashion. It’s true, too! I love being able to cuff someone’s wrists or ankles and clip them to a well-placed eyebolt to keep them where I want them. Call it my deep and abiding love of efficiency and functionality.

Enter these neoprene cuffs from Good Vibrations. Made from spandex-covered neoprene, nylon and nickel-free metal, these are seemingly an excellent solution to the question of function vs. comfort vs. cost. They’re hypoallergenic, easily adjustable to fit wrists and ankles both large and small, and very easy to use. Wrap the limb, slap the velcro, you’re good to go! The manufacturer, KinkLab, also boasts that the metal has been reworked so that the metal will not bend or break, unlike the “keychain-grade hardware” found on other cuffs.

The good news: the metal really does stay together. I tried these cuffs on both my wrists and ankles and could not get the metal to so much as creak. In fact, trying with all the strength in my arms, I could not get any part of the cuffs to budge. In that light, I would say they would make wonderful wrist cuffs.

The bad news: part of the cuffs did give way, under pressure from my considerably stronger legs. When I had the cuffs on my ankles and attached together, all it took was one moderate kick to rip the nylon reinforcement straps away from the neoprene, tearing the neoprene itself and basically rendering the torn cuff useless.

My conclusion: I’m still on the search for the perfect set of cuffs. If I’m going to be totally honest, my lust for leather cuffs has not abated. These cuffs are very quick and efficient, but they simply do not hold up the way a set of well-worked leather cuffs would. The neoprene cuffs would work well on someone for whom strength or fighting back is not an issue, but if you play with someone with moderate or higher strength, or someone feisty, you’re going to want to keep looking.

I extend my thanks to Good Vibrations for allowing me to review these cuffs!


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