Review: Fascinator Throe by Liberator

The tagline for Liberator’s Fascinator Throe is, “Save the sheets to sleep on,” and that’s exactly what this sexy adult version of a puppy pee pad does. Comprised of an absorbent middle layer surrounded by plush, almost furry fabric on one side and satiny smooth fabric on the other, this blanket is designed to save your sheets from ejaculate (female or male), lube, sweat, saliva, water, oil.. hell, whatever liquids or fluids your sex might involve, this blanket’s got you covered. (Pun not intended.) (Actually, I lied. I have no self-control when it comes to puns.) The best part? When you’re done with that go-round, you can just toss this blanket in the wash (cold water), dry it on low heat and boom, it’s ready to go again.

For some reason I wasn’t expecting the Throe to be as big as it was. I figured it’d be a couple feet by a couple feet, enough to put under the most important areas. But no, the Throe is biiiiig! At 54″ x 71″, it covers almost my entire double mattress. This was a very happy surprise. Even better: although it’s sizable, it folds/rolls into a small enough bundle for me to pack into my toy bag and take to play parties as a barrier to be used on dungeon furniture. It’s WAY sexier than a sheet, that’s for sure!

If all of this is sounding good, let me assure you the Throe feels just as good as it sounds. Both sides are like heaven against my skin–partially because I’m no longer lying in a wet spot, but mostly because the fabric just feels damned awesome! It is worth noting that the satiny side seems to absorb a little more quickly than the fuzzy side, but it wasn’t a huge difference; I would say that both sides do their job very well.

The Fascinator Throe is available in three different colors/fabrics for $90 at Babeland. Is it spendy? Yes. But is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. Consider it an investment, and a very hard-earned break for your sheets.

Oh, and since the original question from Babeland was, “If you had a Throe where would you keep it?,” here are a few photos in answer:


And when I’m done…

My most sincere thanks to the lovely folks at Babeland for keeping me in the swag!


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