Sexing Up My Sleep Space

Go ahead, take a wild guess as to whose bed this is. Tons of green, somewhat geometric pattern on the comforter, bondage-friendly but still pretty bedframe, twin floggers hanging from the end post there? Could only be my bed, right?

I love this bed. It’s my sanctuary, my own little slice of peace. (Never mind that I often complain about the semi trucks offloading their cargo right across the street that is just outside that window.) But, I know of one way that could make it even better: one of these.

Yes, I have long been coveting a Fascinator Throe by Liberator, and now is my chance to finally score one for review. You see, I am not ashamed (nor should anyone be) to admit that I am a squirter, a gusher, a female ejaculator. And, although my mattress does have a protective lining to keep its warranty intact, I will also admit that I am just fussy enough to not want my comforter and/or sheets to be soaked during the course of a good time. Nor do I want to have to sleep in a wet spot, or change my sheets when I would rather be lying around basking in a post-coital glow. And let’s face it, towels are not always–or even often–sufficient.

So, this is my wish. I want a Throe to sex up my little haven, so that I will have an even better excuse to visit more often.

Fingers crossed!


2 responses to “Sexing Up My Sleep Space

  • Falahime

    I hope you do get one to review. They sound awesome!

  • earthquake1906

    Yes, the bed is beautiful! Love the way the iron circles are visually “in dialogue” with the circles on the comforter. The energy keeps flowing.

    Very much looking forward to seeing your hair – must be great to flip around in the breeze. Wait – rather than perv here I will write you an email!

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