Review: Best Lesbian Erotica 2011

Best Lesbian Erotica 2011 is the latest in a long and distinguished line of clearly self-explanatory Cleis Press productions, edited by Kathleen Warnock and selected/introduced by Lea DeLaria. This year’s loose theme revolves around location and the unusual places in which we sometimes find ourselves engaging in lascivious acts. Some examples include the passenger car of a train passing through India, a pedicurist’s chair, the front seat of a classic car parked at the beach and a mythical–or is it?–hut in the middle of the woods.

I’ve been a fan Cleis Press for a while, especially their Best Lesbian Erotica series. The 2011 edition is no disappointment to my fandom, showcasing some of the most unique imaginations, engaging writing styles and gut-wrenching sexiness I have seen produced in the world of erotica. For the past couple of years at least—possibly longer—the Best Lesbian Erotica series has been foraying into the world of alternative gender identity and presentation, publishing increasingly queer works that feed into my love of all things pertaining to genderfuckery.

I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite story, although Kiki DeLovely’s “The Third Kiss,” Kirsty Logan’s “Witch” and Charlotte Dare’s “Carried Away inSanta Fe” really stood out in the crowd. However, there wasn’t a single story that didn’t wow me in one way or another.

If you’re into hot queer erotica, consider this anthology a worthy investment. With the variety of samples Best Lesbian Erotica 2011 offers, you are highly likely to find something to your taste, although I’m very willing to bet that most of not the entire book will leave you as riled as it left me.

My thanks extend as always to Babeland for supplying me with such sexy literature.


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