Maybe it’s the season – although spring feels miles away from Portland, what with it currently being 43F, cloudy, windy and intermittently rainy – but I am feeling some serious potential in the air. I can taste it: savory, with a subtly sweet aftertaste. I am itching to overhaul my wardrobe, to experiment with new makeup looks – which is amazing enough in itself because although I love makeup, I wear it only occasionally and usually only when I’m dressing up. I’m itching to meet new people, to talk with and befriend them.. and, yes, flirt with them!

It’s almost May, meaning that in a few short weeks, my oldest and closest friend Niki will be visiting, which promises to be an adventure of epic proportions. Not to mention a precursor to the fabulosity that is virtually guaranteed when she actually moves up here and we return to living in the same city!

I started back up with bellydancing classes not long ago and have already jumped back into the performance arena – or rather, fell into it since the opportunities just kept leaping at me! I performed for a Bad Girls charity event benefiting Portland’s Q Center (a local GLBTQ community informational resource and all-around haven) just a few weeks ago, and this weekend I will not only be performing with my class at a bellydance showcase but will also be soloing at a fetish party featuring the derriere. Performing also means I have gotten back into costume making, a hobby I had forgotten is as as fulfilling as it is. I’m even gingerly attempting a few simple maneuvers with a sewing machine! I’m not entirely convinced that sewing machines are the greatest creation since sliced bread – in fact I believe they’ll be the primary instigators in the Great Robot Uprising – but I actually used one with some measure of success, so I’m pretty happy about that.

Oh, and I have a few reviews I need to get out. You’d think it’d be a little easier than it is what with the fact that I adore erotica, porn and sex toys buuuuut, well, c’est la vie.

Hope y’all are doing fabulously, my chitlings.


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