Review: the Tantus Mark

If you’re any connoisseur of sex toys, you know by now that Tantus creates top-notch toys. The Mark is one of their new line of dildos created to feel even more lifelike, with a firm inner core surrounded by softer, squishier silicone that very closely mimics the feel of a flesh-and-blood penis. Being a Tantus product, the Mark lives up to the Tantus reputation of being high grade silicone, sterilizable and completely body-safe.

At 6” long by 1 ½” in diameter, the Mark is a dildo of average size—not too big, not to small but juuuust right. (Hey, you know Goldilocks went through Mama Bear’s nightstand drawer in addition to everything else! But I digress…) It is harness compatible and covered mostly in a velvety textured silicone with only the head of the dildo being made of smoother silicone.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, wake up, because this inconspicuous dildo soon became my own personal nightmare.

Perhaps some people love the velvety texture of some dildos, but I found that it created too much friction not only internally but also against my labia while thrusting; it didn’t matter how much lube I used, I always felt like this dildo was on a mission to turn me inside out. So if nothing else, I definitely learned from this dildo that I am a Smooth Silicone Girl.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only bad part about the Mark. I also found it to be, well, completely unstimulating overall. The girth was nice, but the head of the dildo was nowhere near prominent enough to stimulate my G-spot. I even tried warming up with other dildos and vibrators; the Mark still could not get me off. At all. This is really no surprise, though, if you look at the picture; the head of the dildo blends almost seamlessly into the shaft with no pronounced ridges or curves to put it more into the G-spot. The head of the Tantus Vamp, on the other hand, has a lovely shape that hits the sweet spot every time.

We have come to the point in the review where usually I say something redeeming about the toy, often because I know what I found disappointing others may actually see as a positive quality. But honestly, I’m not just entirely sure the Mark will work for anyone. At best I found it boring; at worst it was uncomfortable, even verging into painful. If you’re going to splurge on a Tantus product, I highly recommend that you do—just not this Tantus product.

In any case, I am compelled to extend my thanks as always to Babeland for their generosity with their products—for better or for worse!


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