Review: Natural Contours BonBon

The Natural Contours BonBon vibe is a cute little clitoral vibrator that really does look like a piece of chocolate. Natural Contours even purports that it is “better than chocolate.” This tiny vibrator—literally only 2” by 2 ¾”—is made of hard plastic, curved to fit against the pubic bone and tapered at the business end to nestle directly against the clitoris. It requires two AAA batteries to function, which are, amazingly enough, included with the toy! Its one easy-to-use button on the top of the vibe controls three steady settings and one pulsation setting – nothing fancy, but enough to get the job done.

Theoretically, that is.

The reality of this vibe, though, is sadly much different. Or at least, it was very different for me. For starters, I found that the body of the vibe wasn’t curved enough to put any sort of workable pressure against my clitoris. I had to press the vibrator down into my clitoris, which frankly just hurt since the vibrator is entirely hard plastic with no lovely soft silicone bits. It felt like my clitoris was pressed like a sad Panini sandwich between the hard tip of the vibrator and my pubic bone. Had I designed this toy, I would have curved the vibrator more and encased the business end with a bulbous silicone tip not only for cushioning but to make it easier to transmit the vibrations from the toy into the clitoris.

The other disappointment I found in this toy had to do with the vibrations. For starters, the vibrations were nowhere near as quiet as the packaging claims. They were more comparable to an angry bumblebee in a tin can, or maybe even comparable to those ridiculous mufflers high school kids put on their Honda Civics. Not only that, but the vibrations started at the most powerful setting! The settings go from off to high, medium, low, pulsating, then off again. To me this just makes no sense. A vibrator should start out at the lowest setting for a bit of a warm up, or to find the most comfortable vibe setting without overloading the clitoris from the get-go. The “high” setting should also be the last setting before “off” because—at least in my experience—higher settings tend to be used to achieve orgasm and it’s only practical to be able to easily and quickly turn the vibrator off when done instead of having to cycle through the rest of the settings.

Come to think of it, I think I would have just made this toy entirely out of silicone not only for cushioning but also for ease of cleaning, for full waterproofing and for a little noise control!

Needless to say, I have to report in full honesty that this toy was a good idea executed very poorly. The Natural Contours BonBon needs a serious redesign to even be considered a workable, much less enjoyable, toy. As it is now, the BonBon could not get me off at all when I started from an unaroused state and was only barely able to get me off when I started from a very heightened, aroused state. For me this is a pretty major feat, because just about any buzzy object will do for my clitoris—hell, even my nonbuzzy fingers work just fine. So for this toy to barely work at all at achieving clitoral orgasm on me is pretty freakin’ surprising, not to mention disappointing.

My advice: don’t waste your money, don’t waste your time. Both would be much better spent on products like the Spring, the Eroscillator, the Mystic Wand or just about any available LELO vibe.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to Good Vibrations for letting me try out this vibe and for their generosity in general!


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