For Shame, Oregon State

There has been a lot of social media coverage on the fiasco surrounding Oregon State University’s uninviting of Tristan Taormino from their Modern Sex conference. Needless to say, finding out that one of the major universities in my beloved state of Oregon has done this made me embarrassed to be an Oregonian for the first time since I left California behind. This post isn’t much of an eloquent rant or well-worded chastisement of this act of ridiculously outdated censorship, but I wanted to get the word out there that this kind of thing is still happening, and in places that would normally be considered pretty liberal. Huge steps have been taken towards gaining basic rights and liberties for the GLBTQ and sex-positive communities, y’all, but we still have quite a ways to go.

Tristan Taormino’s press release can be found here on her website. Well-written commentaries can also be found on Scarlet Lotus’ blog and Epiphora’s blog.

It almost goes without saying that OSU made a big mistake in barring Tristan from their conference. Let’s make sure that the same mistake isn’t made by universities and other establishments closer to your own neighborhood.

Also, Oregonians: fear not that you have missed the Tristan Taormino experience, because she will be coming to Portland’s own woman-owned, all gender- and sexuality-friendly sex toy boutique SheBop in February.



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