Review: Silicone Rose Vibe

The creativity evident in the sex toy market is astounding. Especially in the world of dildos and vibrators, the sheer variety of shapes and concepts available is enough to make a girl’s head spin. There are unicorn horns, octopus tentacles, daisies, bunny ears, dolphins and now… a rose.

The Silicone Rose Vibe is a bendable clitoral vibrator made by Evolved and sold by Babeland. The flower and stem are silicone while the base is hard plastic. What makes this vibe really fun is that the stem is bendable, allowing you to twist and turn the vibrator into whatever shape suits you. It requires 2 AAA batteries to run, which while not included are easy to insert and extract. The vibe is powered by an easily reachable button at the base of the white plastic “vase.”

The packaging the vibe arrives in claims that the Rose Vibe has ten different functions, but upon testing I was only able to count seven: four different pulsations and three different steady settings. While the false advertising is a bit of a letdown, I was nevertheless impressed by the pulsation patterns; they weren’t patterns that I had experienced before, so it seems that Evolved went a little further in trying to bring a little more variety to the table as far as originality goes. The strongest setting of the steady vibration I would rate as a solid medium—it was able to get me off no problem, but wasn’t anything to knock my socks off.

I have to say that my favorite thing about this vibe is the bendiness. It is just fun. And aside from that, it’s very useful. The stem can be curved to fit the pubic bone so that the lovely tapered tip of the rosebud rests right against the clit. And let me tell you, that lovely tapered tip is just made for nestling up against a clit; Evolved really did well on that part. The downside is that this vibe does get a little noisy, particularly when the stem is bent—the rattling of the motor seems to really grind up against the structure of the stem unless the stem is totally straight, which kind of defeats the purpose of a bendy vibrator. Of course, if you don’t need a superquiet vibe then this isn’t a problem; if you’re looking for something stealthy though, this wouldn’t be the vibe for you.

Overall I’m torn about this vibe. It’s very charming and the bendiness is both entertaining and useful, but the echo of the vibrations down the stem is distracting and the only-adequate power have me passing over this vibe often to reach for ones that I know will work better for me. The Silicone Rose Vibe is a great novelty, but lacks the power to become a tried-and-true orgasm instrument.

My thanks as always extend to Babeland for their generosity!


2 responses to “Review: Silicone Rose Vibe

  • Strawbrykiwi

    This is one I’d like to see in person, because from the picture it looks like a Christmas light bulb. But that’s much better than the creepy animal figurines. This one I may have to try myself thanks to your review! :)

  • Raunchy Republic

    Hmmm, haven’t seen this one before! Your review is probably enough to let this vibe go unstocked in our store so thanks for the review.

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