2011: Bring It

Happy New Year, everyone.

So here’s the thing. I don’t generally do a lot of looking back – on anything. I’m the type of person who lives for the future, who lives for what’s coming instead of spending a lot of time reminiscing on what’s already happened. On that note, this post will not be dedicated to reflecting on what happened to me in 2010. It will be dedicated to the things I want to happen—and a few things I know will happen—in 2011.

Are they resolutions? Nah. I’m not a resolution kinda gal. Resolutions don’t hold any power for me. But goals—now there’s a thing with strength. So these are my goals for the next 525,600 minutes, the next 365 days, the next 12 months… the next year, which promises to blow 2010 right out of the water.

  • I will meet my boi. This was supposed to happen in 2010—right now, in fact—but life has that funny way of not working out the way you think it should. Nonetheless, 2011 will not stop me from finally being with her.
  • I will finally get to hang out with my BFF again! After several years of being separated by distance, my girl Niki will be graduating nursing school this year and (hopefully) promptly moving up to my neck of the woods to start her career. She is my oldest friend, having been in my life for the past decade-plus, and having her physically back in my life is something I am looking forward to more than I can verbally express.
  • I will bring music back into my life in a physical sense. I have played the piano for most of my life and lately have been missing that creative and emotional outlet very sorely. (When I moved out of my parents’ house, I had to leave my piano behind because I had no room for it.) So for 2011, I fully intend to bring back that outlet in the form of acquiring a piano—probably digital—so I can begin playing again.
  • I want to really establish a solid network of friends and acquaintances here in Portland. I’ve laid the foundation for that in the past couple of months, so in the next year I want to really build on it so I won’t be spending so many evenings at home with nothing to do. It’s downright pathetic, wanting to go out dancing or just chilling over drinks in a bar, but not having anyone to call. Or having such a limited number of people to call that if they’re all busy, I’m screwed. In 2011… no more of that!
  • I will continue to improve my skills in photography and photo editing, hopefully with the additions of a Big Girl Camera and Photoshop in the next year. Photography has not been in my life as long as music has been, but it is quickly becoming another expressive outlet that I use when words are not enough, or when there are no words at all. On top of that, Niki and I (and the boi, since she was sweet enough to ask to be a part of it) will be starting our own daily photo project called Photosaurus Rex, which will chronicle our lives in the coming year(s) as seen through our eyes and viewfinders.

And really, that’s about it. It doesn’t seem like much but between fulfilling these goals and just living life in general, I think I will have my hands full. And really, when a girl has love, good friends and a full life to share with them, what else can she possibly ask for?

Here’s hoping, my friends, that 2011 turns out to be a great year for us all. I know many of us went through some dark times in the past year, so let’s hope that it can only get better from here!


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