Twisted this feeling, warped out of shape
So tight and revealing the moves that I make

She stood silently, darkness wrapped around her like a silk robe, watching him from her shadowy corner. He was sprawled across her bed as though it were his, hands resting casually behind his head. Dim lamplight caressed his skin, sliding over the subtle ridge of scars running across his muscled chest and highlighting each curve of the cock that jutted up from the crisscross of leather straps around his hips. His eyes were closed and he smiled, knowing she was there, watching him.

And I know, yes I know, but is this real?

Silent still, she moved from the shadows to his side, her pale skin seeming to absorb the light rather than reflecting it. Wordlessly she gazed down at him before tracing the barest fingertip over his jaw, causing his eyes to snap open and widen before they relaxed again into a smile, recognizing her form silhouetted by the light. His arms reached for her and she allowed him to pull her down to straddle his thighs just behind his cock. Leaning down, she twined her fingers through his shaggy golden hair and brushed his lips with hers, deepening as his mouth softened and a low sound of need emanated from his throat.

Feeding the concept would drive me insane
Flesh to blood to bone to love

Down her mouth slid from his, pausing to savor the pulse pounding in his neck before moving lower, trailing teasing fingertips and lazy swirls of the tongue over his chest and stomach. Finally she found her favorite spot on his body under her lips: the valley of muscle and sinew on the lower abdomen that curved into his groin. Pressing her mouth to his skin, she tasted him—soap and the barest trace of salty sweat—with an open, wet kiss… then sank sharp canines into his flesh.

And I know, yes I know, but is this real?

He groaned and arched his hips up, pressing closer to her mouth. Hot, deep, sweet blood flooded over her tongue and, like wine, she savored it before letting it slide down her throat. She tasted his submission, his fear, his anticipation, his love. And his hunger, burning bright in his veins. Slowly she ran the flat of her tongue over the punctures in his skin, lapping up the last of the blood that trickled out before the wounds closed beneath the thin layer of her saliva.

Twisted this feeling
Flesh, blood, bone, love
Twisted this feeling

Slowly she crawled back up his body, rested a hand on his chest and, smiling down at him, asked the silent question and received the silent answer. Rising above him, she circled his cock with a hand and, sinking down slowly, deliberately, guided it into her. Almost in unison their eyes closed and heads tilted back, savoring every inch of feeling. Then without warning he clamped his hands around the flesh of her hips and slammed her down onto him, filling her to the hilt as she bared sharp white teeth and growled her pleasure.

Flesh to blood to bone my love

Slowly started their rhythm, sensual rocking as their hands devoured each other’s skin. Then faster they went, faster and harder and rougher and more frantic until the air was laced with growls and cries and the scents of sweat and the slick wetness that coated his cock and her thighs. Tighter he gripped her, tight enough to bruise—if she could—and harder he thrust up into her until frantically she clamped her mouth around her own forearm, muffling her screams as her cunt spasmed around him. Spent, she dropped down to his chest, her head resting in the luscious spot where neck met shoulder, but still she did not stop. Lifting her head just enough to smile wickedly down at him, she pressed her hips down into his and moved them in small, sinuous circles, pressing the base of the cock still inside her down into the engorged bud that was his flesh-and-blood cock beneath. The crystal blue eyes that had been locked on hers fluttered closed as his head fell back, his hands sliding up from her hips to wind through and fist around the hair at the base of her scalp. Her tongue darted out to flick across his earlobe, surprising a groan from him. His fingers tightened in her hair as the groan turned into a low, drawn-out growl, the steady rhythm of his hips he had set to match hers turning into an unwavering press of pelvis to pelvis.

Her eyes were fixed on him, anticipating the stutter of breath and hitch in his heartbeat she knew signaled him coming. Two more agonizingly slow circles of her hips and… there. Up his back arched, up into her as his pelvic muscles spasmed underneath her, his hands in her hair pressing her closer to the fragile skin of his neck. Lightning fast, her mouth closed over him, teeth sliding like knives through his skin into the subterranean river of life flowing there. Again he shuddered as twin geysers of blood hit the roof of her mouth, again he held her close, cold skin pressing into his hot, damp flesh for the last time. She drank on, her skin glowing rosy as his grew paler, his grip in her hair relaxing as the frenetic beating in his chest wavered, grew weaker, and stopped.

At last she sat up, fingers wiping the last drops of blood from the corners of her mouth. He lay still beneath her, eyes closed and lips curved peacefully. Tenderly she smoothed damp hair back from his forehead and traced the curve of his eyelids down to his cheekbones, over the straight line of his nose and across cooling lips. Drawing her wrist to her mouth, she made a quick, efficient bite and held the wrist above his mouth. Down her blood ran, dripping past his lips and down his throat, staining his lips into a semblance of their former life.

And I know, yes I know, but is this real?

After a few minutes the punctures closed and she leaned down, the tip of her tongue cleaning a few stray drops of blood from his lips. Softly she kissed him—lips, jawline, neck, shoulder—before sliding off to lie beside him. Outside the shuttered windows the sun was rising, calling the dead to rest. The coming night was only hours away and together, at last together they would awaken into eternity.




*Based on the song below sung by Lisa Hall.


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