Review: Roulette Toronto

Roulette: Toronto

Roulette: Toronto is another NoFauxxx production directed by Courtney Trouble featuring—of course—queer sex. It stars Courtney herself, a number of queer porn icons including Jiz Lee and Dylan Ryan and some new faces as well. Like the other Roulette films, the DVD is comprised of a number of unrelated scenes featuring sexy queer-identified people in different scenarios ranging from a visit by a call girl to a dance class gone wonderfully, wonderfully pervy.

I tweeted this while I was watching the film and I will reiterate it now: queer porn just keeps getting better and better and better. It is really coming into its own (pardon the pun) as a porn genre and the stars emerging into the spotlight via queer porn are freakin’ fantastic. It is raw, it is rough, it is real. The stars are really enjoying themselves and aren’t just paid to be there. And the sheer range of gender expression alone is mindboggling in the best kind of way. There is a real sense of community present in queer porn that I have never seen or felt before when watching more mainstream porn.

I write all of the above, which applies more to queer porn in general and not necessarily specifically to this one film because I believe very strongly that Roulette: Toronto is one of the finest examples of the phenomenal nature of queer porn to date. There wasn’t a single lackluster scene in the whole film. I enjoyed them all immensely—even the fairly heterosexual bonus scene featuring Dia Zerva and Wordman.

The first scene of the film features Courtney and the lovely Judy Minx meeting up for what was supposed to be a quickie that turned into an all-night queer femme sexfest. I don’t know about the rest of you but I adore femme/femme couplings, if for nothing else than the fact that they are quite a bit rarer than butch/femme or genderqueer couplings. Courtney and Judy are no exception to this, especially with the voracious way Courtney ravishes the petite Judy Minx, who can apparently take quite a lot more physical force than one might think!

After that comes the scene featuring the ragingly hot Jiz Lee, accompanied by Drew Deveaux and last minute addition River Turner. River leads Drew and Jiz in a dance class that turns into a delightfully original threeway in which the stars make the best possible use of a freestanding dance bar. Aside from the fact that Jiz is one of my favorite queer porn stars, I really enjoyed River’s enthusiasm throughout the whole scene. For someone who was on the giving end during the whole scene, River’s enthusiasm and vocality easily matched that of the two stars on the receiving end. As a girl with a serious aural fixation, I found that to be a huge, huge turn-on. Not to be left out, however, Drew Deveaux was equally captivating with zir flexibility and absolutely gorgeous freckled skin.

The third scene in the film features the gorgeously zaftig April Flores putting in a telephone order for a leggy brunette call girl, meeting Dylan Ryan at the door minutes later for some body-worshiping, female ejaculate-infused femme hijinks. The famous Eleven dildo makes an appearance as well, much to the delight of not only the stars but this particular viewer as well!

The last (non-bonus) scene of the film features two new faces, Lascivia Liberty and Scout. This scene in particular stood out to be as absolutely brimful of genderfuckery, as both partners take turns wielding and receiving the strap-on cock, giving and receiving blow jobs and squirting their hearts out. I particularly loved the few instances where Lascivia pulls Scout around by the beautiful leather chest harness Scout is wearing. I must say I had never been overly interested in chest harnesses until that scene!

The bonus scene consists of Dia Zerva, who has made an appearance before in the Roulette series, and her partner/Master/Dominant, Wordman. This scene is very special in that it is the first time in their eight-year relationship that the couple have allowed themselves to be filmed. It also features an Eleven, and a newly-installed stripper pole that both Dia and Wordman were clearly excited about. I must say, I’m normally kind of “meh” about more-or-less heterosexual porn scenes, but I found this one to be just as hot as the rest of the scenes in the film. I believe it had everything to do with, there again, how obvious it was that the two were enjoying each other immensely. Usually I find male porn actors to be very stoic, pounding away at the female costar as rhythmically—and boringly—as a metronome, but this was not the case between Dia and Wordman.

Like I said before, Roulette: Toronto is easily among the cream of the crop of queer porn. And if it’s this good already, I really can’t wait to see how much better it gets in the future.

Don’t forget to watch the video diary available in the DVD menu. There is something wonderfully delightful about catching the behind the scenes moments and rediscovering that even porn stars are, in the end, real people. Oh, and if Jiz Lee’s acceptance speech at the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards doesn’t make you tear up too, you need your tear ducts checked.

My thanks to Good Vibes for sending me this gem!


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  • Dreyanan/Kathryn

    This is going to be my first viewing of queer porn as I’m not a big fan of porn, I’d prefer to be doing rather than watching but these stars are different I follow their tweets and websites, interviews etc and truly like their attitudes towards their sexuality. Because of this review It seems to me that this porn is more a celebration of alternative sexuality rather than just the standard fuck/pound/squirt porn that seems to be standard in hetro porn. Thanks! :-D

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