Review: Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lube

Good Clean Love’s “Almost Naked” personal lubricant is another of the lubes that Good Vibrations was kind enough to send me. Like the last lube I reviewed, it is supposed to be very good for ladies with “delicate sensibilities,” or in other words, girls with vulvas/vaginas that get extremely pissed off if they even so much as thinks about using anything but the gentlest, most natural lubes available. So in other other words: it’s made for girls like me!

Good Clean Love claims to be 95% organic with no petrochemicals or parabens, “recommended by medical professionals nationwide,” 100% vegan and safe for latex and toys. This includes silicone toys, as this lube is water-based. It is also, I am happy to note, glycerin-free. (For a complete ingredient list, see my comparison post.)

As far as how good this lube is… well, readers, I’m not going to mince my words. This lube ROCKS, yeah that’s right, ROCKS hard enough to be written in all caps. This Almost Naked lube is not sticky at all – not right out of the bottle, not halfway through being used, not when dried. Completely non-sticky. I kid you not, it really does just feel like my own self-produced lubricant. There’s just more of it. It also does not taste weird. It has a slightly “green” taste if you lick it right off your finger, I suspect from the aloe in it. But once it’s been applied to the vulva or into the vagina, it blends so well with the already-present moisture that there is absolutely no lubey taste at all.

The best part, though? This lube is thick. I mean “put it in your hand, move your hand in any which direction, turn it upside down and this lube is not going anywhere” thick. It’s absolutely wonderful. It stays where it’s put, no dripping, no mess. It’s a lube connoisseur’s dream.

The only slight downside to this lube is the same with all water-based lubes: while it does last for a pretty long time compared to some water-based lubes, it doesn’t last forever like a silicone based. But just apply some outside moisture and you’ll reactivate the lube, so you’re good to go.

Seriously, if you’re in the lube market, I strongly recommend you consider Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked lube. For a water-based, non-irritating lube, it doesn’t get much closer to perfect.

My most fervent thanks extend to Good Vibrations not only for offering this awesome lube up for review but also for having a very well organized and comprehensive lube selection from which to choose. If for some reason the Good Clean Love does not appeal to or does not work for you, they should have something that does!


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