The quiet symphony of crickets chirping in the suburban night was broken by the shushing and tipsy giggling of two women who no longer had a bedtime by which to abide. Reena and Lauren, friends from the cradle and friends to the grave, crept doubled over with laughter from the back door of Lauren’s parents’ house, where she had been staying since her graduation from university until next week when she moved to the big city to pursue her hard-won career. Their destination, if they could reach it without tripping over rogue blades of grass and puddles of moonlight, was the old treehouse of their childhood, a lumber-scrap fortress nestled in the gigantic live oak that dominated the backyard.

Finally, hands groping outward in the darkness, they reached the ladder that had been nailed to the trunk of the old tree and climbed into that most precious of childhood clubhouses. Sitting crosslegged on the floor, they clicked on the flashlight one of them had remembered to bring and looked around.

“God, I can’t believe how much time we spent up here. In this old wood… box,” Reena grumbled, while impatiently pushing riotous red curls back from her freckled face.

“Oh come on, it was more than that and you know it,” replied Lauren, her almost-black eyes still roving over the posters of pre-teen heartthrobs that remained clumsily tacked to the walls. “What I can’t believe is how we ever thought Scott Baio was such a dream.”

The two collapsed into laughter, heads on each other’s shoulders until they were laughed out. Heads spinning just a bit from the copious amounts of Jack Daniels they had consumed earlier that night, they slid to the rough wood-slatted floor to lie side by side on their backs, staring up at the streaks of moonlight coming in through the gaps in the roof.

“Do you remember when you brought Ricky Stillwater up here in fifth grade?” Reena’s murmured, her smoky voice filtering through the cricket serenade.

Lauren chuckled, mostly to herself. “Yeah, to ‘show him my baseball cards,’ except he and I both knew I wanted to kiss him. How he managed to get his chewing gum in my hair all the way at the back of my head, I will never know.”

Reena rolled toward her best friend of 25 years, propping her head up on her elbow, a slight smile on her lips. “You remember how we practiced kissing on each other for weeks beforehand? So afraid it wasn’t going to be perfect…” Her voice trailed off as Lauren smiled crookedly into the darkness, her eyes closed as though she were picturing that fateful, bubblegum-ridden day in her past.

Slowly, almost tentatively, Reena shifted closer to her friend, lowering her head to whisper almost directly into Lauren’s ear. “You remember that first time we got drunk in high school and confessed that you had enjoyed kissing me more than you liked kissing Ricky Stillwater?” She punctuated her question by brushing her lips over the outer curve of Lauren’s ear, her free hand sliding up Lauren’s torso to oh-so-lightly cup one of Lauren’s petite breasts.

Lauren’s eyes flew open and her lips parted on a tiny gasp, but even that small sound was swallowed when, as she turned to look askance at Reena, the other girl lowered her head and met Lauren’s lips with her own. For a moment Lauren’s mouth was tense, her mind still whirling to catch up, but in the next moment her mouth softened and she returned Reena’s kiss with fervor, her hands raising to bury themselves in the soft, thick curls that crowned Reena’s head.

As though her kiss had been a question for whose answer she had been waiting, Reena took Lauren’s returned kiss as the affirmative answer and without warning gripped Lauren’s waist between her strong athlete’s hands, shifting the smaller girl until she straddled Reena’s lap, torsos pressed together as though in an effort to feel skin through their respective shirts. The crickets’ melody was threaded through with soft murmurs and sighs as the two women reacquainted themselves with each others’ mouths, and then was drowned out completely by Lauren’s throaty groan as Reena trailed small bites down Lauren’s neck.

She didn’t stop there. Hurriedly yanking Lauren’s t-shirt over her head and pulling bra straps down her arms until the girl’s breasts were bared, Reena trailed nibbling kisses down Lauren’s chest and the slope of her breast until she was met with a small, taut nipple. Teasingly she circled the tip of her tongue around it before drawing it into her mouth, biting down gently until she heard Lauren groan again and felt her press her torso ever closer.

Reena did not need to be asked twice. Shifting her powerful legs, she hitched Lauren off her lap and bore her down to the wooden floorboards, hurriedly pulling her own shirt over her head before bending down to press her lips to Lauren’s, slick skin meeting slick skin as Lauren bowed up to meet Reena’s body. Neither woman’s hands stayed still, fingers roaming, pressing, caressing.

Slowly, teasingly, Reena slid lower again, trailing the very tip of her tongue over the slope of Lauren’s other breast until she could close her mouth over its peak, drawing it past her teeth and stroking with her tongue until the other girl’s breath caught and then flowed out into the night on a low growl. Reena could feel Lauren’s hips bucking upward almost subconsciously as Lauren’s body was flooded by the sensations emanating from the nipple in Reena’s mouth and—she gasped anew—the other one now being lavished by Reena’s deft fingers.

Just when Lauren felt that her nipples could not take another second of torment, Reena raised herself up on her hands, pressing a lazy kiss to Lauren’s parted lips before grinning down at her. “Remember now? Or do you need…” She shifted to one hand so she could trail the other down Lauren’s stomach and brush it over the fly of her jeans. “…Your memory jogged a little more?”

Reena found her hand trapped between denim and another, smaller one as Lauren pressed her friend’s hand harder into the denim covering her dripping cunt, nodding and breathing out a barely audible, “Yessss…” Reena pulled her hand away and in two precise movements had Lauren’s jeans undone, tugging them down her short, curvy legs until they were tossed into the same corner as Lauren’s discarded shirt and bra. Lauren’s panties were a polka-dotted scrap of fabric barely big enough to be called a garment, and were admired only briefly before they, too, joined the pile of clothes in the corner.

Reena pressed soft, open kisses along the crease of each hip, then on the inner crease where thigh met mons, breathing in the heady aroma of Lauren’s arousal as it surrounded her and flooded her senses until her mouth was all but watering. Slowly, casting wicked glances upward to gauge Lauren’s frustration at the deliberate torment, she trailed her tongue down over the triangle of neatly groomed hair until she dipped into the moisture accumulated in Lauren’s slit, casting her tongue over the engorged nub of Lauren’s clit. Lauren’s hips bucked upward again as her hands fisted uselessly on the floor, a string of mewls and cries emanating from the O of her mouth.

Reena grinned to herself, vastly enjoying having reduced her friend—truly, the girl she had loved since she was old enough to understand that what she felt was more than friendship—to a creature of sheer sensation. She trailed two fingers down the same path her tongue had taken, tracing a few slow circles over Lauren’s clit before they travelled down, down until they found the source of the wetness. Reena dipped in just two fingertips, swirling torturous circles until Lauren’s groans turned into begging staccato whines.

“P—please… please… please…” Lauren begged, reaching a hand down to grip Reena’s wrist as though in an effort to push the girl’s fingers inside her. But Reena held strong. “Please what, Lauren? Tell me what,” she murmured.

“Please… do it… fuck me, fuck me, pleasepleasepleaseple—“ Her words were cut short as Reena drove those two teasing fingers deep into Lauren’s cunt, hooking them until the pressure on Lauren’s G-spot caused wild lights to explode behind her eyes. She groaned, full, low and throaty, and again when Reena drew out her fingers only to drive them in again, and again, falling into a fast and hard pattern that had Lauren clamping her mouth around her own wrist to muffle her screams.

If Lauren’s cunt was insatiable, so too were Reena’s hands and her mouth. The pace of her fingers slowed only once, when Reena lowered her mouth back to Lauren’s clitoris, her tongue matching the renewed pace of her fingers until Lauren’s entire world, her entire focus, was narrowed down to just the place where Reena was joined with her, sending scorching rays of electricity from her cunt to the top of her head, the bottom of her feet and every tiny nerve ending in between. She felt the rough grain of the floorboards where her shoulderblades and toes dug in, trying desperately to grip so that she might raise herself closer, closer, godmustgetcloser to Reena’s hands, her mouth, god who knew two fingers and a tongue could do so goddamnfuckingmuch oh god oh god ohgodohgodohgod fuuuuuuckkkk…!

And Lauren’s narrowed focus exploded into a mushroom cloud of light and heat, her eyes flying open only to be blinded by the rays of the moon filtering in through the roof—when did the moon get so bright?—her hands fisting in Reena’s hair then loosening, going limp and sliding to the floor while every coherent thought pattern went flooding to and then gushing out of her clenching, spasming cunt.

For what seemed like an eternity they lie there together, Lauren spread like a flesh-colored puddle on the floorboards and Reena sprawled between her legs, her head resting on Lauren’s lower abdomen. Finally Lauren stirred, ever so slightly, and sighed out a breath of contented exhaustion. Reena raised her head, grinning a Cheshire grin before giving the flesh of Lauren’s hip a quick pinch that elicited a squeak from the sated girl.

“Remember now?”


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