Review: Crash Pad Vol. 4: Rope Burn

Crash Pad volume 4: Rope Burn

Crash Pad Volume 4: Rope Burn is the second of the Crash Pad series that I have had the good fortune to review, and honestly, though I have only watched two volumes, I think this one may rank among the best of the whole series. As in the other Crash Pad volumes, the film is comprised of a handful of different scenes with different queer-identified folks playing and fucking in whichever way best suits them.

The first scene opens with Brooklyn Flaco and Carson, who bring a very playful energy to the Crash Pad. Also, they both kept their socks on, which normally is a huge turn-off for so many of us, except that Brooklyn had pink and purple argyle knee-highs on, and Carson had black and gray striped socks on. If all socks were as cute as those, I’d say “hooray” for socks during any sex scene!

The next scene featured Dallas and Jiz Lee, who happens to be one of my favorite queer porn stars. (Yes, I have a little bit of a crush – shhh, don’t tell!) Their scene was also playful, with a lot of laughter—which I love—but theirs also got a little kinkier, featuring rope (and jockstrap!) bondage, the tearing of jeans and chest- and ass-punching. Needless to say, I was riveted.

Scene three showed us Sadie Lune dominating a rebellious Tricksie Treat, using a knife to cut off Tricksie’s clothes and berating her for her poor manners. Sadie has tremendous energy as a Top, and I was a little breathless watching her lean in, whispering to Tricksie in a sexy low voice about how she was going to learn some manners and eventually having Tricksie ride her cock while she held a Hitachi to Tricksie’s clit.

Scene four opened on a very enticing butch/femme couple, Cash and Stella. However, their scene did not keep with the gender norms that can sometimes pervade even queer porn—Stella, the femme partner, was the aggressor for most of this scene, lavishing oral and manual attention on Cash’s clit, then having Cash suck the cock she had strapped on before she fingerfucked Cash to orgasm. Cash returned the favor with some oral pleasure of zir own before fucking Stella from behind. I’m not 100% sure but I believe Cash and Stella are a couple in real life as well, and the chemistry between them was palpable. They are very comfortable with each other, and very comfortable with the shift of power that flowed between them.

Also, Cash kept zir tie on for almost the entire scene even when most everything else came off—that is just hot, no matter how you look at it.

Crash Pad 4 concludes with Ex and Muscle Beach, who is punished by an irked Ex for arriving late to their playdate. Ex starts off with some punching and nipple torture before tying Ex in a very lovely chest harness and commencing other forms of torture, including using Ex as a human ashtray. I have to say… any play involving cigarettes or cig smoke would be a hard limit for me. I hate cigarettes and their smoke gives me pretty much instant migraines, but watching Muscle Beach being humiliated by Ex in that way, watching Ex have Muscle Beach open zir mouth so that Ex could tape zir ashes onto Muscle Beach’s tongue—it was undeniably hot. Humiliation and power play in that manner is just freakin’ HOT.

Something else I love about the film in general is the lack of background music. Don’t get me wrong, I love music and it definitely has a place in film, pornographic or no, but I also really appreciate a porn film that just lets the sex sounds play in all their squishy, moany, screamy, natural glory. Bad music can detract from a sex scene, but the sounds of good sex will never detract from, well… the good sex!

I’m not sure I found anything bad about this film at all. Usually I have one or two complaints, but in Crash Pad Volume 4, I found none! I was captivated, entertained, amused, touched and most definitely turned on by all the scenes in this film. I highly recommend Crash Pad Volume 4 to anyone looking for excellent queer porn, and will absolutely be reaching for this DVD again.

My thanks extend as always to Babeland for their generosity, and of course for keeping me well supplied with good queer porn!


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