Review: Billy Castro Does the Mission

Billy Castro Does the Mission

Billy Castro Does the Mission is a Courtney Trouble production available through Good Vibrations both in DVD format and via several different download options. It features transman Billy Castro as he gets through one hell of a sexually charged day, starting out with a post-workout jackoff, subsequently getting up to mischief with Dylan Ryan, Jiz Lee, Akira Raine, and topping it off with a revenge-filled scene with his very pissed off “girlfriend,” Lorelei Lee.

The first scene featuring Billy jacking himself off after a workout was quite the appetizer for what was to come. It did seem a little forced, as though he were perhaps having a little trouble getting himself off, but it was hot nevertheless to watch him jack both his cocks off simultaneously.

He later goes out to a movie with a friend, and stops at what looked to be a liquor store afterward, propping his bike up against the building. The bike is stolen by Dylan Ryan, who leaves a note saying that if Billy ever wanted to see his bike again, he’d meet her at her playroom. He does, and shenanigans ensue in her hot tub—rough shenanigans including face slapping, spanking, fisting and more.

Seemingly dazed and confused after waking up in Dylan’s bed, he wanders off and ends up at his friend Jiz Lee’s house, where he joins her in playing the Wii. He loses, and tries to regain some honor (I say laughingly) by engaging her in a wrestling match which quickly leads to more strenuous (and more naked) activities that culminate in Jiz squirting in Billy’s face. I found this scene particularly hot not only because Jiz is one of my favorite queer porn stars, but also because it was instantly relatable—it could have been you, me, any one of us sitting there playing Wii and ending up with a little sexual tomfoolery.

Anyone else love that word, tomfoolery? It’s hilarious.

Anyway, off Billy continues on his merry way home, where he is waylaid by the very sexy damsel in distress Akira Raine, who needs help getting her mattress into the back of a UHaul. Together they manage to lever it in, and together they manage to lever themselves in on top of it, falling rather spontaneously into a bout of fucking in the back of the UHaul—an activity that is now on my to-do list, because that just looked damn fun. I was also impressed by Akira’s marked improvement in her porn acting, as it were. You may remember a previous review in which I noted Akira’s newbie mistake of engaging the camera too much instead of focusing on what she was doing, or what was being done to her. There was none of that in this scene, which was very refreshing.

Finally Billy Castro finds himself at home, where he is greeted by a very pissed off Lorelei Lee, playing his girlfriend in this film. He is very late to meet her, and she exacts her revenge on him for that, teasing him with her body and forcing him to control his urges to touch and take her. The film culminates in Billy doing his very best to make up to Lorelei his previous transgressions.

I don’t believe there has been a Courtney Trouble/NoFauxxx film that I have outright disliked. They all have their enjoyable and/or hot aspects. What I particularly liked about Billy Castro Does the Mission is the amount of rough sex in it. Castro is quite clearly a toppy sort, which is right up my kinky alley.

I found only two downfalls with this film. One, some of the camera angles, particularly in the beginning, were awkward. It is my belief that a scene should never be shot at a 90-degree-off angle, for the sheer purpose of not making me crick my neck merely watching porn. (Cricking other things, however: entirely acceptable.) I also was distracted by some of the sex noises made throughout the film. Now, I know that a person cannot change their genuine sex noises any more than they can change their genuine laugh. But a few of the noises in this film did not sound genuine, or if they were, well… they just grated on me. I watched a large portion of this film on mute, which did the trick. Sometimes it’s nice to watch a porn on mute anyway, simply because it’s more necessary then to focus on facial expressions, muscle movements and other physical actions and reactions taking place.

Overall, I would still not pass up Billy Castro Does the Mission. Downfalls and all, it is still a fine example of queer pornography. I am very interested to see what else Courtney will be adding to her Muse collection over time.

My thanks are extended to Good Vibrations who were generous enough to take me on as a reviewer—this would be my first Good Vibes review!—and for sending me this film.


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