Review: the Spring

Spring Vibrator

This cute little vibrator is a Fun Factory creation sold by Babeland, with the intention of inspiring thoughts of that rejuvenating season after winter and before summer. Oh, and when I say cute—oh man, do I really mean CUTE. If you are not a fan of overly girly toys, back away now. Trust me.

Still with me? On we go, then!

The Facts:

The Spring is a handy little midsize vibe, with 4 inches of insertable length and 1 ¼ inches of girth at the widest point. The insertable length is covered in velvet-finish fuchsia-colored silicone, embossed with flowers and butterflies. (See what I mean by “cute?”) It is rechargeable, requiring only its accompanying magnetic connector with a cord that plugs into an electric outlet. The connector attaches to the base of the vibe, and pulses red while charging. The beauty of this little connector, aside from that it does away with the ever-annoying necessity of batteries, is that the vibe is rendered completely waterproof. It can be used in the bathtub, used in the shower, washed thoroughly, and still come back to get you off.

I still wouldn’t recommend boiling or soapless dishwashing, though. Sensitive internal mechanisms and all that. Soap and warm water or a wipedown with 10% bleach ought to do the trick.

The Good:

Allow me to begin by saying, the Spring is powerful. It easily blows my other vibrators out of the water in terms of strength. (Although if you have and are loyal to a Hitachi, that may not be the case.) And aside from the already varied steady-vibe and pulsating-vibe settings (four steady speeds and three pulsating speeds), the Spring offers a variety of textures that are sure to entice. First is the very tip, which is tapered enough to allow pinpoint vibrations; next are the ridges, as the vibe is very softly triangulated, which allows for those edges to be nestled right in between the labia and up against the clit; third is the big embossed flower near the tip, which allows for some great sensations. I love varying between these three, teasing myself until I’m ready to use the pinpoint application to finally get off.

The Spring is also ridiculously easy to clean, given its complete waterproof-ness. This is always a plus in my book.

The Bad:

Of course, most vibes have their downfalls. The worst of the Spring’s downfalls is that it is LOUD. I know the product description at says it’s quiet, and maybe mine is just an anomaly volume-wise, but it is so loud I didn’t feel comfortable using it until I had closed my bedroom door and turned on the radio, and my roommate’s room is all the way across the apartment. I compared it to a Hitachi noise-wise, and it wasn’t any quieter. So, the Spring is probably not an option for when you are looking for a very discreet vibrator.

The other two pitfalls I encountered had to do with the material. It’s silicone, which we all know is wayyyyy up there in terms of material safety, but my Spring had a bit of a weird plasticky smell to it that didn’t go away with a good washing. Maybe in two or three more washings, but still. Also the velvety finish of the silicone means that it. Catches. EVERYTHING. Seriously, if there is any lint, fuzz or pet hair anywhere around you, the Spring will pick it up. Thank goodness it’s easy to wash.

Overall, I hold the Spring in a moderately high regard. It would be a thousand times better if it were a little quieter and didn’t act like such a lint magnet, but I still remain impressed by its power and the variety of textures it offers. I just try to ignore that it is hot pink and covered in flowers and butterflies. But hey, if pink, flowers and butterflies are your thing, you might consider taking a peek or even—dare I say it?—springing for the Spring.

My thanks go as always to Babeland for supporting my sex toy habit!


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