Review: Seven Minutes in Heaven 2

Seven Minutes in Heaven 2: Tender Hearted

Let me start out by saying that I am a huge fan of Seven Minutes in Heaven 1. It was fantastic. And, with only a couple minor setbacks, so was Seven Minutes in Heaven 2. SMIH2 was set up just like the first one in that the overall theme is a bunch of pervy queer people at a slumber party playing Spin the Bottle, with the camera cutting out to different scenes depicting a couple or a few (or a bunch) of the slumber partygoers enjoying various sex acts. No real storyline (thank god), just a bunch of people fucking around and enjoying the heck out of each other.

What I really, really love about the Seven Minutes in Heaven series (that I have seen so far, as I believe there are more than just the first and second releases) is how unbelievably real they are. It makes sense, coming from a company called NoFauxxx, but it’s still something that pleasantly surprises me every time I see one of their productions. They are rough, raw and real, right down to the butt acne, scars, bruises, body hair (that isn’t portrayed as a “hairy muff” fetish) and funny O faces. I wouldn’t have thought these things would necessarily be a turnon by themselves, but knowing that the people I’m watching are as real as I am, and are enjoying the sex as much as I would—it makes me enjoying watching all the more, which is quite conducive to being turned on.

There was one exception in this production, a girl who in the “pre-game” interview said it was her first porn shoot ever. Her newness showed in how excessively camera-aware she was, and in her excessive noisiness – it was pretty obvious she had been influenced by all the fakey-fake mainstream porn that’s available nowadays. Hopefully she will do more porn with companies like NoFauxxx and will subsequently be broken of these bad habits, because honestly it was a little (read: a LOT) distracting from what otherwise would have been really, really hot scenes.

My favorite scene easily was the one between James Darling, Cyd Loverboy and Red. I have seen Red in previous porn films and I really, really love her energy. She is toppy, bitchy but joking/laughing all at the same time, and it’s clear she really, really loves fucking – it’s an infectious enjoyment that spreads to whomever she’s sharing the scene with. This threesome scene was full of laughter and goofing around, but screamingly hot at the same time. Something about watching a transguy and a gq/trans (honestly not sure how Cyd identifies exactly) be fucked by two hands from two different people is just… wow. Smokin’.

Overall, I would probably give this movie 3.5 to 4 stars out of five. If you already know and love queer porn, then naturally this would be a great film to add to your collection. If you’re new to queer porn, I would maybe recommend a hotter film so you don’t get a lukewarm impression of queer porn in general. Maybe go for Seven Minutes in Heaven 1, or one of the Crash Pad volumes (I can personally recommend volume 5, having seen and loved it). Seven Minutes in Heaven 2, though: still very enjoyable, and one I will likely be watching again.

Thanks as always go to the kind folks at Babeland for sending me this film for review!


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