Review: Best Women’s Erotica 2010

Review: Best Women’s Erotica 2010

Ah, erotica: the lifeblood of so many of my self-pleasuring sessions, and certainly the inspiration for a few naughty words of my own. So naturally, when Babeland offered up the latest and greatest of erotica for women edited by Violet Blue, I had to snatch it up right away.

And oh, my friends, it was so worth it. I will warn you now, if you are the kind of woman who only likes to read about women having sex with other women, the majority of Best Women’s Erotica 2010 will not be for you. There are a few queer stories in it, but for the most part they do involve the cock. If you are, however, the kind of woman who doesn’t mind a little cock involvement, then I strongly recommend picking up this book. Not only were the stories tremendously well-written (minus one story that almost sounded more like a technical description of the act of intercourse) but they were creative. None of the stories were tired versions of the same clichés seen in more mediocre erotica or, god forbid, in romance novels.

Some of the stories were funny, like the one about a woman who gets caught fucking the vegetables in her hot neighbor’s garden. Some of them were rough, grungy and grinding, like the one about a woman in Spain who goes into a bar for ice and ends up being fucked from both ends by two Spanish gigolos. In many of the stories, aspects of BDSM come into play, like the story of a dressage teacher getting hit with her own riding crop in a hay barn. Some even buck the gender norms and stereotypes, like a woman who has her boots shined by a bootblack in the train station—non-BDSM bootblacking stools traditionally being more of a male territory—discovering that she is as much a fetishist for having her boots blacked as the bootblack is a foot fetishist, or the story of the chromosomal man pretending to be a drag king sucking the cock of a transman. But almost every single one of them is unique, not just among the other stories in the book but among all the erotica I’ve read over the years.

Not only did these stories get me incredibly hot, but they restored a little bit of my faith in the world of “best” erotica. They restored my faith in that there are amazing writers in the world like the ones showcased in Best Women’s Erotica, but also in that there are the amazing editors who can fish out the true crème de la crème and deliver them to the discerning reader. Violet Blue is definitely one such editor; between her skills of selection and the scorching talent and titillating imagination of the writers, best Women’s Erotica 2010 has emerged at the top of its class, a compilation of some of the truly best erotica I have ever read.

Many thanks to Babeland for providing me with yet more fodder for a fevered imagination.


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