Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Ahhh, another night of women’s rope class. One of my favorite monthly kink happenings in the area, held at my favorite local dungeon – actually the ONLY local dungeon I visit. But, as much as I love it, it always leaves me wanting more. Those two hours are never enough, and the inevitable “it’s time to pack it up” call always comes far too quickly.

It also seems to leave me wanting more as far as the type of play goes as well as more of just “tying up” time. For example, tonight’s theme was predicament bondage. After a bit of show and tell from the guest instructor of the night, I end up being bottom to the class’ usual instructor, I think because we’ve played before so she knows my limits, and also I think because she likes to crack my cool and composed demeanor, ha ha. And so, I end up over a spanking bench resting on my elbows, hands crossed to either shoulder and tied there somehow (don’t ask me how; I couldn’t see it!), and my feet also tied including rope going in between my toes (that was fun). At this point I’ve actually got three Tops around me; two were actually doing the rigging and one was observing and offering ideas. So the end result is that they have me tied in this actually surprisingly comfortable position over the spanking bench, and what do you know, it’s actually a perfect position for – you guessed it – spanking! The three Tops were all remarking on how that had turned out. But… sadly… no spanking happens. Because it’s a rope class only, and any playing beyond rope that happens in the “practice hour” seems to have been ix-nayed, I think because of some members in the past frowning upon it as “not the right time.” Much to my chagrin. I could really have used a good beating. Especially from those three Tops.

It got me thinking that it would be really nice if at some point in the future, the people who run the women’s rope group and the person who owns the dungeon organized a rope class that was actually allowed to turn into a casual kind of play party afterward. That way all of these lovely ideas that seem to pop up while someone is being tied can actually happen! Perhaps in the future I will present the idea to the leaders, but for right now it’s going to stay a wish, because Leather Pride is coming up and everyone is going to be busybusybusy. In fact, next month’s rope class was even cancelled because of it. Understandable, but… SOB! I am quickly becoming addicted to rope, and am really going to miss my monthly fix!


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