Review: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven is one of many Courtney Trouble creations, this time consisting of two hours of scenes and characters actually connected with each other instead of an anthology of completely separate scenes and plotlines. Imagine if you will any of the birthday parties you went to when you were younger that consisted of giggling preteens spinning an empty Coke bottle, kissing shyly and sneaking quick feels in the coat closet. Now replace “giggling preteens” with “smokin’ hot queers,” and “kissing shyly” with “fucking and playing with abandon” and you pretty much have the premise of Seven Minutes in Heaven.

One thing I loved about the film is that it was so inclusive. Everyone was some flavor of queer but there were Tops, bottoms, Caucasians, people of color, bigger people, skinnier people, cis-genders, genderqueers and even a FtM transsexual, the lovably dorky Puck Goodfellow. There were toys galore, ranging from the ever-trusty Hitachi Magic Wand to yummy cock harnesses to expertly-wielded floggers.

Another great thing about this film is that it featured mini-interviews with each of the players—nothing overly scripted and formal, just a little blurb from each person about themselves and why they were participating in this project. It was really refreshing to get to know the stars as actual people instead of plasticized sexbots only there for a quick buck. Every last one of them thoroughly enjoyed what they were doing there, and the chemistry between the players was palpable.

Oh, and I must say as well: BRAVO to the players for following safer sex guidelines throughout the entire film. There were condoms and gloves all over the place; that in itself is hot because it shows the world at large that a damn good time can be had without anyone needing to go bareback. It shows that responsibility does not need to be sacrificed in order to have a lot of really kinky, sexy fun. This is especially evidenced in the scene between Puck Goodfellow and Sophia where they both realized they had no gloves or condoms on them at the time, so instead decided to have a really hot, heavy and sexy makeout session that did not involve fluid exchange.

On a similar educational note, I also greatly enjoyed Tina Horn’s quick how-to on flogging and impact play—where not to hit, where is best to hit, etc etc. She showed a great amount of knowledge about the basics of impact play, and I was really glad to see that shared with the viewers so that they may take away something from the film besides a raging hardon.

Overall, Seven Minutes in Heaven has definitely become one of my favorite porn DVDs to date. It combines sex with smarts with insanely attractive and charismatic people and shows that sometimes, a “twists-and-turns,” complicated plot isn’t needed to make one hell of a good pornographic show.

Thanks as always to Babeland for providing such gems!


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