Review: Carrie’s Story

Carrie’s Story

Here’s the deal. I love erotica. I have fun with porn but I. Love. Erotica. Porn can either be amusing or horrifying, but if I want to be truly turned on and even get off on something, well-written erotica is what I turn to. I know I can’t be the only one. I also know that I don’t see a lot of reviews of erotica out there—definitely not the same volume as porn and sex toys get—so I’m going to start offering up my opinions on the erotica that I read. Not just the stuff that I get from toy companies to review, but the stuff that I either borrow from friends or spend my own money on. Because anyone who reads erotica like I do knows that when erotica is good it can be really, really hot but when it’s bad… ooooph. It’s bad.

Now, about Carrie’s Story. This is a novel written by Molly Weatherfield about a woman—three guesses as to her name—who is “discovered” in a way by a dominant man and thus begins her journey as a submissive and slave. That’s really it, in the smallest possible nutshell. If we were to expand a bit, the story details the different situations she is put in as a slave, including going to a “human pony” ranch for training and concluding with her actually being sold at D/s slave auction in Europe. Along the way she is pretty much introduced to this kind of “high BDSM society” in which everyone is extremely rich, connected, well-dressed and very into extreme protocol.

Well, that first paragraph is supposed to be the objective description section of the review, but I guess that last sentence kinda gave away my overall disdain for this novel, didn’t it? Honestly, I’m actually rather torn about the story. Some parts of it were really good. I liked reading about the pony training ranch and all these other scenarios Carrie finds herself in because they are so utterly fantastical. I mean yeah, I’m sure some of this stuff actually exists in certain scenes because anything’s possible. But wow, when all of those fantastical scenes are crowded together in one book that’s happening to just one person, it goes a little beyond the realm of reality. Which may be some readers’ cup of tea, but I personally prefer my novels to be a little more grounded in reality. I like reality with a touch of fantasy, not fantasy with a touch of reality. This novel was definitely fantasy with a touch of reality. A very bare touch.

I also found the novel hard to totally immerse into because Carrie’s character was so shallow. I mean that not in the sense that she was a vapid person but that she was very basic. The author pretty much jumped right into the, “woman meets man woman becomes his slave commence M/s adventure” story without really fleshing out Carrie’s character at all. The reader finds out pretty much zero about Carrie’s personality before she becomes defined by her slave role. Perhaps this can be explained by surmising that Carrie was a bit of a “lost soul” before she finds the enigmatic Master (who turns out to be a bit of a schmuck and rather pitied by all the other dominants in their high-rolling circle) but if that were the case then I just become worried because the idea of a woman with no identity previous to her slavery, who essentially enters into this particular underworld because she has nothing better to do (which is actually implied throughout the course of the story) makes me nervous.

So… well, I’m still undecided about Carrie’s Story. Like I said, certain scenes were actually kinda hot. But the middling hotness of those few scenes doesn’t really make up for the fact that the story was not fleshed out as it could have been. Erotica, unlike most porn, can actually have a strong storyline and still be a good, hot read. This novel, unfortunately, relies not on a solid plot but, just like porn, on the sex scenes. And frankly, if I want to be entertained by simple sex scenes performed by characters who are defined only by their role and not by their actual personality, then I would just, you know… watch porn.

If you decide you want to give the novel a go anyway, it can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.


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