What’s New, Or Not

So my work got fed up with my migraine-related absences and put me on part time, which honestly doesn’t upset me at all. I finally saw my doc a week ago and have been put on a migraine preventive medicine. Unfortunately it can take three weeks to a month to kick in, so not a lot has changed there. The only thing that has changed is that I’m having fewer work-related migraines, but I still get them when I do go to work. I think it’s a combination of my hatred for my job, the cheap, buzzy fluorescent lights, shrill phones and dirty ventilation system. I’m still trying to find a better job buuuut the job market is tight up here.

Emmett and I did just go up and hang out with Scarlet and Onyx in Seattle, which was a blast. We had met Onyx previously but this was our first time meeting Scarlet, who was up in Juneau last time we came to Seattle. We traipsed around Capitol Hill, partook of the most delicious cupcakes on this planet Earth, and played a lot of Wii Mario Kart. It was awesome. Onyx and Scarlet are awesome. That’ll definitely have to happen again.

The sex life, sadly, is still dead. I keep hoping for changes in that department, but sadly I don’t think changes there will be coming until my migraines/headaches are fully under control. So hopefully that will be happening sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, I guess this just becomes the blog of a queer, kinky girl who had a sex life at one point. The blog’s not dead, just… different. For now.


One response to “What’s New, Or Not

  • Kyle

    A blog is mostly a reflection of it’s writer, yes? So it will follow you wherever you go and reveal whatever you choose to let your readers in on. I know there are a lot of us hoping you find a winning strategy for getting your migraines under control. Best of luck with that

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