Review: Fukuoku 9000

Fukuoku 9000

The Fukuoku 9000, besides having a giggle-worthy name, is a product I have been lusting after for a long, long time: a finger vibe. It’s a cute and tiny little hard plastic clit vibe with two curved, hinged attachments that open or close to fit almost any size finger. On the end of the vibe you can slide one of three silicone sleeves. One sleeve is textured with scattered nubblies; one is textured with raised concentric, target-esque circles; one is textured with four raised horizontal lines.

The package is completed by an efficient little leather carrying case that everything fits into nicely, including the… wait for it… spare batteries! That’s right folks, not only does the Fukuoku come with batteries already in place, but it comes with a spare set. Color me im-freakin’-pressed.

Now, colors do vary and there’s no “choose your color” option so prepare to be surprised. Babeland’s Fukuoku page shows a gray and blue Fukuoku but the one I received was a mix of two shades of purple, so if you have serious problems with certain colors or just really, really need to pick your own toy colors, keep that mind when considering the Fukuoku.

The hard plastic is not water- or even splashproof, so sorry but the Fukuoku cannot be used for shower fun. Also, cleaning of the hard plastic should be limited to wiping with a damp rag. The sleeves, however, are fully sterilizable since they are silicone. Drop ‘em in boiling water, or wipe down with a 10% bleach solution. I guess you could try putting these things in the dishwasher, but the only place they could really go is the silverware holder and that doesn’t inspire much confidence in cleanliness, for me at least.

The first thing I loved about the Fukuoku is that it actually fit my finger. I was a little worried about that because I have short, fat fingers but the hinged attachments adjusted to hug my finger snugly and comfortably. No pinching, no digging in. Lengthwise it was also perfect because it wasn’t too long for my short fingers. I don’t believe people with longer fingers will have any issues, though; the vibe will simply hit them farther out on the finger.

Now, on to the actual use of the vibe. Is it perfect? Well, no. The strength was a little lacking even for me. It got me off, yes, but it wasn’t the crashing, all-consuming orgasm I’m used to. It also is not meant for G-spot stim, so if that’s how you get your best orgasms, you won’t find it in the Fukuoku. It’s good for quick clitoral relief though, especially due to the fact that it can be so easily concealed and so easily slipped onto the finger and into the pants/skirt/underwear/whatever for stimulation.

That is where the Fukuoku wins. It is SO comfortable. It is SO easy to use. There is no awkward handling of bulky vibes. You can keep your pants and underwear on if you want/need to because there’s nothing huge to try to fit in between the fabric and your clit. The textures on the sleeves add that little extra bit of oomph—perhaps making up for where the overall strength of the vibe kind of fails. And, it’s quiet. Well, sure, you might be overheard if you’re in a completely silent room or someone’s around with really good hearing, but if there’s any kind of ambient noise, you should be good to go.

Okay, sure, the Fukuoku is no Hitachi. But will it be going on my list of go-to toys? Oh yeah. The textures and the sheer convenience of the vibe more than make up for the fact that this toy isn’t the strongest buzz on the block.

Thanks as always to Babeland for letting me get my vibe on!


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