Review: 1969 L’insolite

1969 L’Insolite

The L’insolite vibrator from the French company 1969 is a small, AAA-battery-operated silicone vibe originally intended for G-spot stim but that can also multitask as a clit vibe. It is a short, rather squat vibe with a nice firm neck, operated with one push button at the foot. It boasts three speeds of consistent vibration and seven different vibration patterns, all of which are easy to cycle through with the button. Batteries sadly are not included in the package, but the battery compartment is extremely easy to work with, so I can overlook that.

The vibe is purported to be splashproof which means shower usage is fine, but it can’t handle full submersion in liquid, so no bathtub or pool use. (Although why you would want to expose your innermost sensitive bits to chlorinated water is a mystery to me!) This also means that boiling/dishwasher-without-soap cleaning is out of the question, so for sterilization you would need to wipe the silicone part of the toy down with a 10% bleach solution.

Speaking of looks and feel alone, already I am torn. I love the feel of this vibe—it’s so smooth and firm. The silicone casing around the internal workings is really nice and thick. This is definitely not a flimsy vibe. It’s also a quiet vibe as a result of that thick silicone. The downside? It’s purple. Really, more lavender than purple. No other color options. This certainly doesn’t accommodate those of us with less “girly” tastes in sex toys.

Now on to the use of the toy. I tried it out first as a clitoral vibe because I wanted a quick orgasm. Aside from the nice feel of the silicone, there was really only one thing I liked about the L’insolite as a clit vibe, and that is the curved, bulbous head that makes it easy to position. Unfortunately that same bulbous head is its downfall in that I could not pinpoint the vibes on my clit the way I like. Generalized vibration in the area of my clit doesn’t do jack for me and unfortunately that’s what this vibe offers.

I also wasn’t much impressed by the vibe patterns but then this is purely situational; I can’t get off on patterns at all, so my focus is on how strong the consistent vibration is. If you love patterns in your vibration you would probably be impressed with the L’insolite. And as far as the consistent vibration goes; I did like this portion of it. Unlike some vibrators, this vibe does not start out weak and work up to strong; it starts out strong and works up to stronger. You won’t be impressed if you’re a faithful Hitachi fan, but if you prefer something a little less extreme, you’d probably like the strength of this vibe.

Unfortunately, as a g-spot vibe the L’insolite also failed to impress me. Yes, the head is bulbous but not quite hooked enough to really get into my g-spot. Don’t get me wrong, it felt alright—not painful or anything—but it wasn’t going to get me off anytime soon. And for me that’s saying something, because generally any good amount of g-spot stim will have me bucking and melting into a pool of orgasmic bliss. My g-spot is not picky. I also felt that the short overall length of the vibe was really awkward when the vibe is inserted. When the vibe was inserted so that it was positioned to hit my g-spot, all that was left outside my body to hang on to was the inch or so of battery cap—not enough to really get a good grip for any hardcore thrusting.

Overall, the L’insolite failed to hook a spot in my list of First Things I Grab For an Orgasm. Don’t get me wrong, this toy wasn’t nightmarish. It’s pretty, it’s silicone which is always a plus, and for some people it would probably be a dream toy. It just wasn’t for me and if your cunt is anything like mine, the L’insolite really won’t be for you either.

Thanks to Babeland, as always, for the review fodder!

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