I just figured I should put up a newer update than the whiny, negative post that was my last actual blog and not erotica. Things are looking up. I am going to a play party tonight where I will at least enjoy a rope scene with a female Top whose work and style I admire; I may also participate in a needle scene with a very sharps-experienced Domme who wants to use my back as her canvas. That one’s not decided 100% because she has another very involved needle scene to do tonight but it’s a possibility at least.

In February things really pick up, with more events going on in which Em and I will both be participating. A lot of the activity so far has been me going to woman-identified only things because the timing just hasn’t worked out for much else. But in February that’ll change, which I think will be nice. I don’t like to see Em left out of things, however unintentional it may be.

And, of course, my major hope is that what with things seemingly picking up in that manner, I will have more to write about and this poor blog won’t be so neglected!


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