Review: Wet Naturals Lubricant

Let me begin by saying that my cunt, like the rest of my skin, is very sensitive. Yes, warnings are made in general about products containing glycerin but some women are able to handle them with little to no repercussions. Me? Not so much. At all. So naturally (ha ha) when I came across Wet Naturals lube at TabuToys, it seemed like a good option to try without putting my nether parts out of commission for days as would – and does – happen with any lubes or other products that contain glycerin.

Wet Naturals lube is a glycerin- and paraben-free water-based lubricant with the added benefit of being pH balanced so as not to upset the rather delicate conditions of a woman’s vagina. And, being water-based, it is safe for use with all toys—silicone included.

And how does it feel? Quite lovely, really. While not as silky as a silicone-based lube feels, it is still very smooth and non-sticky. It does have that common issue amongst water-based lubes of being a little thin and rather quickly absorbed, but those are issues I can easily deal with in the name of having a happy, healthy cunt. Not to mention it’s very convenient only needing to reach for one lube regardless of what material toy I’m about to use.

Overall, this lube has become my go-to product for all my sex needs. It’s great with fingers, great with toys and really great for extra-sensitive cunts. Easily, Wet Naturals lube tops my Top Recommendations list, especially if you’re as—ahem—sensitive as I am.


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