Review: Little Flirt

The Little Flirt

The Little Flirt is the coy lash-batter of the buttplug world. At only 3 ¼” long by 1” wide at the widest point, this toy is built not to impress but to encourage. Its purpose appears to be to introduce the inexperienced to the joyous realms of anal play without intimidating them with huge girth and exotic, sculptural designs. Those toys have great potential to be wonderful; consider this plug the middle man, the stepping stone, the first tentative step into a bigger world.

Of course, being a Tantus toy guarantees top quality materials—silicone, natch—and a completely sterilizable, shareable toy. If not used with a condom, which might be awkward with so small a toy, then this plug can be boiled, wiped with 10% bleach solution, stuck in the soapless dishwasher, etc.

I have to admit, although I was very much looking forward to using this toy on Em, with whom I have already done some manual anal play, I was a little anxious about using the Little Flirt on myself, even given its unassuming size. I am more or less uninitiated into the world of anal play minus one past experience that, while not exactly traumatizing, was not reassuring either. I got this toy not only for some more partner fun but also to help me get over my anal trepidation.

And so I did. If nothing else, this toy is engineered specifically for reassuring shy asses and instilling a little more confidence regarding anal toys because that’s exactly what it did. I started out on a solo venture so that if it went horribly, I wouldn’t have to share my embarrassment. I decided to first get the plug in and then vibe my clit into an orgasm to see if the plug in my ass heightened my orgasm at all. One thing’s for sure, the plug is very easy to get in. I really did relax once I realized that not all anal play is massively uncomfortable.

Now, with that being said, while the Little Flirt is a very comfortable and reassuring anal toy, neither did I find it extremely pleasurable or efficient. For one, it kept popping out every time my cunt clenched, and it really didn’t do much to heighten my orgasm. In fact, I was so focused on keeping the plug in that my orgasm wasn’t nearly as intense as it could have been. My expectation was that having the plug in would somehow heighten the orgasm, maybe because I would have more to clench around. And that might be the case with a larger, perhaps more sculptured butt plug.

But I think that’s the point. I think the point of the Little Flirt is not necessarily to heighten pleasure or contribute to any literal sense of fullness; it’s to help people like me get over their misgivings regarding putting things in their butts. And in that task the Little Flirt succeeded most definitively. Not only am I much more comfortable about anal play, but I am ready to graduate to something a little more, well… fulfilling.

As for trying the plug out on Emmett… well, stay tuned!

And thanks as always to Babeland for letting me review one of their many excellent products.

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