Microfantasy Monday – Role Reversal

Ang the Sweltering Celt always comes up with good ones, and this week is no different!

He has her pinned. Big, square, hard hands clamped on her wrists, stretching them above her head and holding them against the wall; long, streamlined torso pressing against hers so that every rivet and buckle of his harness digs into her hips. His tongue trails up along the veins of her neck and over her jaw as her breath gushes out from between parted lips, tickling his ear.

Slowly her eyes open, revealing a devilish twinkle as her lips curve into an equally mischievous grin. Lightning fast, her leg sweeps out behind his ankles, knocking his feet from under him. Twisting deftly, she uses his unwavering grip on her wrists to turn him around, pinning him to the warm spot her body had left on the wall. Leaning close, she shifts a thigh between his legs to press his big cock achingly against his little one. He groans, his hands going slack on her wrists. Her lips slowly trace the curve of his ear, teeth closing teasingly over the lobe before her voice comes whispering out and into his head:

“Who’s your daddy now?”


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