Em and I moved to Portland for a lot of reasons. We’ve always been in search of more agreeable weather, both of us being fans of cool, cloudy, rainy, windy, stormy over hot and dry. We were in search of green not bleached by too many hours, days, years in the sun. We were in search of bigger and better opportunities.

Well, those opportunities sure found us when Em was laid off from his job in southern Oregon and applied on a whim to an animal hospital in the Portland area—one of the top animal hospitals in the nation. He sensed, despite my reluctance, a budding chance to move to Portland far sooner than we had anticipated. And, as you all know well by now, he got it. They loved him. And so… we moved.

And now I have a job, the one and only job I applied for—apparently a pattern in this household. We found a great apartment in a great complex in a great area. Everything has pretty much fallen into place like well-oiled tumblers.

So now what?

Well, what is a kinkster’s life without a little bit of kink, and the community that comes with it? That’s where the next step lies. Finding community, finding comrades, finding connections. Luckily, there appears to be a very expansive scene up here. I’m excited about becoming a part of it: making new friends, maybe making some of those friends into play partners, maybe exploring and discovering new kinks.

Maybe Portland holds more than one kind of opportunity. I’m surely hoping so. And with the way Portland has worked out for us so far, I kinda think my hopes aren’t too far-fetched!


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