Review: The Vamp

The Vamp


Ahhhh, the Vamp. A creepy fangirl obsession gone to the adult side. The Vamp, for those who haven’t already gone to Babeland and had a hearty chuckle over it, is Tantus’ (very successful) attempt at perverting a recent and very popular vampire romance series that features vampires who sparkle in the sun.

So what does that get you? A superbly high quality silicone, harness-compatible, almost translucently pale dildo with a subtle sparkle when you hold it to the light. At 6 ¾” long and 1 ½” in diameter, it is the perfect mid-range size for those who like their silicocks not too big, not too small but juuuust right.

And of course, being top-grade silicone means this toy is nonporous, fully sterilizable and very shareable when the proper precautions are taken (condoms, boiling, wiping w/ 10% bleach solution, etc). The Vamp is also phthalates free and completely hypoallergenic. However, remember not to use it with silicone-based lube; it is to silicone cocks what sun is to traditional vampires. *wink*

Here’s the thing. I’ve read the series in question although I wouldn’t call myself a fan. But whether you’re a screaming fangirl or think the novels are a load of garbage, the humor of a sparkly vampire cock is really difficult to pass up—especially when your last and only harness-compatible cock was too painful to use so you ended up giving it away, leaving you with no, zip, zero dildos in your arsenal. Thus, I requested The Vamp for review.

And… well, wow. Tantus does not fail to deliver even on an item made for laughs. I was a little worried about the pronounced head and ridge the Vamp boasts, but it felt beautiful inside my cunt—not painful at all with the right amount of lube. This cock is quite straight with little to no curve to it, but the shape of the head managed to hit my G-spot perfectly. The other very realistic ridges on the shaft also hit all the right places. A thing of beauty, really.

Get it for the humor, keep it for the great feeling. If that’s the way Mr Sparkly Vampire’s penis feels, no wonder there are so many screaming fangirls running around! Heheh, seriously though, The Vamp is a fantastic silicock and I will definitely be using it again. And yeah, I’ll be chuckling each and every time I pull it out of my toy chest.

Thanks Babeland; I greatly appreciate you letting me review your great products!


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