Coming to You Live From…

So here I am, blogging at last from Portland, OR.

Yeah, it feels like home.

The move itself was less than pleasant but predictably so: we were rained on for the entire last leg of the trip up AND for most of the unloading process which left us all rather sodden and unhappy, but… well, we got through it with the invaluable help of Em’s mother and two younger siblings.

There’s still a little left to do in our apartment—acquiring seating that isn’t flat and covered in carpet, and nonperishable food storage for instance—but we’re all unpacked and as organized as it gets until we acquire the aforementioned items. A trip to IKEA is in our future. I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it is that IKEA is less than an hour away.

Oh, and have I mentioned we have our own washer and dryer? (If you follow me on Twitter you’ll be rolling your eyes and wishing you could shut me up about the damn washer and dryer already.) I kinda like that I don’t have to get fully dressed just to go do laundry. Heheh.

I had a job interview on Monday but unfortunately that doesn’t look like it’s going to pan out. The office manager said she’d probably give me a call back by the next day, but that was yesterday and I still haven’t heard anything. Honestly though, that really tells me all I need to know about the company—they can’t even call me back to give me a, “No, thanks?” I think I’ll pass, and keep looking. Someone else will be smart enough to snatch me up. I know that sounds conceited, but hey, I know where my talents lie. I was offered the job this morning and accepted it. Turns out the office manager was just waiting on a call back from one of my old vet tech supervisors and decided to just give up and offer me the job when she never heard back from the supervisor. I start on Wednesday!

Em starts work at what is essentially The Dream Job tomorrow. I met his boss today; she is really nice and everyone is amazingly accepting about his being trans and are already very eager to start working with him. So there’s that at least. And there’s our awesome apartment. And the fact that we’re finally where we’ve wanted to be for quite a while now.

Yeah, things are looking up.


One response to “Coming to You Live From…

  • Lee Ann

    I know exactly how you feel both about Ikea & having a washer & dryer. Of course, if you remember, my big thing was having a dishwasher!
    Good luck on the job search. You are exactly right about how not even a call back tells you all you need to know.

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