Microfantasy Monday – Hot and Cold

As always, the brilliant themes can be attributed to Ang the Sweltering Celt.

We were snuggled under soft fleece and fluffy down, safely ensconced in the midnight darkness.

But still the layers of warmth-conducive material were not a sufficient shield against the biting cold. Curved against me, convex buttocks tucked securely into the concave bowl of pelvis, I felt a shiver rack her body, teeth faintly clacking together in the silence.

“Cold, baby?” I whisper into her hair, my hand tracing circles on her torso.

She chuckles softly, her stomach muscles fluttering invitingly under my palm. “Apparently.”

“Well then, let’s remedy that.” And I roll half over her, arm reaching… there. I grip a cool, hard plastic cylinder and flick the switch, illuminating the night black with a violet glow.


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