Microfantasy Monday – Ang

Thanks as always to Ang the Sweltering Celt for the weekly inspiration. This week is special as it marks one year of Microfantasy Mondays and almost five years of Ang’s blog so not only does this week have an extra-special theme – Ang herself – but it is also a contest. Check it out.

She kneels before me. Falls of softly red hair cascade down back and over shoulders, pooling on the ledge formed by rope-harnessed breasts. Slowly I stroke my hand down that hair, fingertips trailing down her spine as the strands slide silkily between my fingers. I can feel the purr building, seeming in synch with the wolfish grin on my own face as I twist my fingers, tangling those strands in my fist and wrapping the length of the hair around my wrist and forcing her head back, exposing an almost translucently pale throat. Slowly I draw the rough edge of my favorite crop down that tender column, drawing back to deliver sharp strikes to the breasts that appear to be the perfect end point of the crop’s travel.

Step by step I circle her, administering a stroke here, a strike there. Back, breasts, buttocks, thighs, soon all are riddled with the tapered rectangle signature of a crop strike. A pelt gorgeously patterned.

Behind her, I survey my work. Sweat trickling, marks growing ever more prominent against pale skin, muscles undulating with every breath.


Over her head, under her chin, in the blink of an eye the crop rests firmly in each of my hands and nestles itself in the sweet, succulent spot right where jaw and throat meet. Nestles… and presses.

At the angle I have above her I can just see her eyes go wide, cheeks reddening and mouth dropping open as though to gasp for air, although no sounds escape. I bend over her, cheek to cheek, teeth sampling the skin stretched over jawbone, ears tuned for the small, thin sound that escapes—


I release. Relish the sound of fresh air racing into starved lungs. Stroke a gentle hand down the assaulted throat, trailing fingertips down around prominent nipples. Trace the tip of my tongue around the delicate curve of an ear.

“Good girl.”


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