Hear Ye Hear Ye

Well, after an eventful weekend in the Portland area, the latest is that Em and I have a place to live. It’s a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment in the southwestern Portland area, roomier than where we are now and much, much nicer.

The kicker? We won’t be paying any more rent than we do now. BOO-FRIGGIN’-YAH.

The apartment has a dishwasher (which this house does not), a full size stove/oven (which this house does not), private washer and dryer (which this house does not), walk in closet (which this house does not) and a fully enclosed patio with an extra storage closet.

The extra kicker about the washer and dryer: they’re both brand spankin’ new. When we looked at the apartment on Saturday, the plastic hadn’t even been taken off of them yet. Too awesome.

So, we’re moving what is essentially this Saturday. The seventh. We will cease to be Southern Oregonians and will become tried-and-true PNW residents.

Cue me being excitedoverwhelmednervoustiredhappystressedEXCITED.

Also cue my blog getting a little silent in the meantime… catch up with y’all on the flipside!


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