Am I Still Into Penis?

To be honest I’m not even sure how to start this. As of late my mind has been hovering around the vicinity of my sexuality more than it used to. See, for a while I labeled as bisexual but then when I discovered the gender universe I tossed the gender binary and became pansexual which quickly morphed into queer. I defined my sexuality as loving the person, not the plumbing.

Well, now I’m questioning even that. I’m questioning if there isn’t a certain kind of plumbing – the male plumbing of flesh-and-blood penis and testicles – that I don’t like. But I can’t even come to the conclusion that I dislike penis. Because, really…? How long as it been since I’ve even HAD a flesh penis? The last was J and we all know how long ago that was, and how well it went.

Which raises another question. What if that failed relationship is what’s turning me off the idea of bio-penis (vs. silicock)? I had no issues with my last boyfriend’s penis, but then that was when I was 18/19, and gord knows tastes can change in that span of time.

I think what bothers me the most is that no matter how much thought I put into this, I will not be able to come to a conclusion until/unless I experience flesh penis again. But frankly, I’m in no hurry for that. So I guess this is one thing that will have to remain up in the air indefinitely.

In the meantime, I remain ever queerly your
Tomboy Femme.


2 responses to “Am I Still Into Penis?

  • Kyle

    Sounds like a question you’re not in a hurry to answer, eh? And even when you have the chance to answer it, it might still be the person and not the plumbing.

  • FemmeFairyGodmother

    *snickers* You said “silicock!” Okay, and now that I’ve finished my Beevis & Butthead impression …. I used to be Very. Sure. that I could never date a man. Then I came *thisclose* to falling in love with one, which would have required getting up close & personal with his penis. I’d have had to deal with that then, I guess. I think we all get far too caught up in the queer v. straight dynamic. You love who you love. You’re attracted to whom you’re attracted. All you can is go with it. If you meet a bio-dude you’re attracted to, then you’ll find out. If you don’t – that’s prob your answer, right? xoxo, my favorite Tomboy Femme.

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