What’s Happenin’ Cap’n?

Okay, let’s try this again, since the first time around WP ate it, the ONE time in a very long time I forget to copy to clipboard before I post. Ugh.

So anyway. If you follow Em and/or me on Twitter then you have a vague idea of what’s been going on lately but that’s really all because even our tweets have been vague. I write this to give everyone a clear view of what’s been going on lately, and so I only have to tell the story once. Although I guess this counts as telling the story twice since this is the second time I’m writing it. *facepalm*

As I write this, Em is up in Portland. He has a working interview at one of the top animal hospitals in the nation tomorrow and Thursday. This is after completely acing the initial phone and face-to-face interviews. We’re pretty confident he’s going to get the job, especially after they see how hard he works. They’d be crazy to turn him down! And yeah, all of this in less than three weeks from being laid off from his old job. If/when he DOES get this job, we’ll be moving to Portland. I’ve started packing and getting a few useless things (like old chair frames) thrown away.

However, while all of this has been happening over a course of a few weeks, the most recent happening is that yesterday my mother was kicked out of the house by her now-ex-boyfriend. It was going to happen anyway; she was unhappy and planning on leaving him, but it definitely wasn’t supposed to happen like that. I couldn’t leave work but Em and a few friends banded together and got her completely out of the house in a day. Most of her stuff is in storage, but she and her essentials are crashed on my couch until we all move up to Portland. She has decided that she will follow us up there, although she will be getting her own apartment vs. staying with us, which is the ideal arrangement for all involved. And yeah, she is doing just fine. She is happy to be on her own and independent again, and happy to be getting her feet under her.

So yeah! That’s what’s been going on. It’s going to be a pain in the ass moving again, mostly because all of the physical labor involved is quite literally a pain, but Em and I have been planning on moving to Portland eventually anyway, so if this is gonna be the opportunity to do it, well al-frickin’-right!


2 responses to “What’s Happenin’ Cap’n?

  • strawbrykiwi

    Hope Em gets this job, he really deserves it!! :)

    I’m glad your Mom is away from this idiot, even if she wasn’t able to leave on her own terms.

    Hooray PDX! :)

  • Kyle

    And now we know that Em did get the job, so w00h000!!! It’s been a pretty crazy time for you guys lately, but now you’re gonna get to move to PDX. Yay, :-D

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