Review: Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex

Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex


I was excited when I saw this DVD up for review at Babeland because Tristan Taormino’s reputation precedes her, and I knew I was likely to be getting into something good. This video was created on the premise of five women acting out their favorite rough sex fantasies with partners of their choosing. I liked this idea because who doesn’t love to act out their ultimate fantasies? Plus I loved that the actresses were allowed to choose what they wanted to do instead of having the scene laid out for them. And with that said, on to the scenes!

Scene 1: Breaking and Entering, featuring Adrianna Nicole and Marco Banderas
Adrianna’s fantasy revolves around a criminal, Marco, breaking and entering into her home while she’s naked in the bathroom and overpowering her until she concedes. This was not a bad scene at all. (And may I just say that Marco’s Spanish dialogue in the pre-scene interview was really damn hot? Wow.) It didn’t get me hot and bothered to the point that I wanted to wank myself while watching, but it was certainly an engaging scene. I was impressed that Adrianna’s acting skills were enough that she really did seem scared, which is a gorgeous combo with her obvious lust for the man who frightened her. Also when Marco grabbed her by the hair and forced her across the floor on her knees in pursuit of his cock… wow, yeah, that was nice.

Scene 2: Stranded, featuring Satine Phoenix and Derrick Pierce
Satine’s scene revolves around the idea that she is stranded alone in the desert until good Samaritan Derrick comes along and offers the use of his cell phone and his company—company that turned quite carnal in no time flat. This was easily one of the hottest scenes in the video. The chemistry between these two was palpable, and the sudden swing of mood from sweet and kinda shy to hard-faced, brutal and unabashedly sexual was really, really hot. This scene also differed from most others in that it was rough and brutal the entire way through; there was no trailing off from brutality into just straight sex.

Scene 3: Taking Over, featuring Francesca Le and Christian
This scene was the first in the video to switch it up to where the woman is the one being rough on the man, but unfortunately it did not fulfill my hopes at all. Francesca’s domination feels pretty forced, as though she were used to submitting and had to keep reminding herself that she is in charge this time. Also, and perhaps because of the last fact, this scene was nowhere near as rough as the two before or the ones after. There were a few nice points, like when she slapped his cock, strangled him with his own belt and used her panties as a gag, but otherwise I found this scene pretty lackluster.

Scene 4: Caught, featuring Marie Luv and Julius Ceazher
As disappointing as the last scene was, this scene was unfortunately even more so. In this one, Marie is confronted by boyfriend Julius with evidence of her infidelity. She tries to deny it but isn’t believed by Julius and is essentially fucked in punishment. However, if it weren’t for the fact that the scene is explained in interviews with the actors beforehand, I likely would not have known that this was the scene because Marie’s acting skills are sadly lacking. I realize that porn stars don’t necessarily have to have great acting skills, but in a case like this when they’re roleplaying a specific scene, it helps to be able to play the role you’ve set for yourself. Also this scene was very heavy on the sex, but very light on the rough. I’m just gonna come out and say it: I was bored.

Scene 5: Switched featuring Sasha Grey and Danny Wylde
This scene, the last of the compilation, was the other hottest scene in the video (along with Satine’s Stranded). There really wasn’t much of a plot behind it; it was just Sasha and Danny playing pool while talking about their limits and then they started playing. Despite this fact, the scene was frickin’ HOT. For one thing, they were both switching it up in the scene; neither of them was Top the whole time, and I find that kind of switchiness absolutely fascinating and hot. Theirs was also another scene that stayed rough the entire time and didn’t just start focusing entirely on the sex. There was also an element of humor in this scene that I enjoyed. It was very obvious that Sasha and Danny were truly enjoying beating the hell out of each other and weren’t so absorbed in character that they forgot to smile and laugh and have FUN.

Overall, Rough Sex was not bad. In all of the scenes music was used as an accent, but it was GOOD music and it was not a constant presence, which was a really nice change from the really bad, neverending music used in a lot of porn videos. Certain scenes, and parts within certain scenes, were pretty hot. I wasn’t thrilled about how heterocentric (therefore blowjob-centric) the video was, but that lies more within my personal preference and isn’t a fault of the actual video. I was also a little disappointed with how not-rough some of the scenes were, but that too could be attributed to my personal preference of watching and engaging in REALLY rough play, perhaps beyond the preferences of those in the video. I will watch this video again, though, because the hot parts were REALLY hot and more than made up for the parts that were not.
Thanks to Babeland for letting me review this video!


One response to “Review: Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex

  • strawbrykiwi

    “Blowjob centric” -brilliant. I love your reviews, of course you’re a fantastic writer so clearly I should appreciate the talent. Also- you “twitcast” of the videos as you’re watching makes me wish I could be there to enjoy the snark and critique in person.

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