Microfantasy Monday – Contest

Thanks as always to Ang the Sweltering Celt for the weekly inspiration!

We regret to inform you that your name was not drawn to win the Blog-For-A-LELO Contest. Thank you for your efforts and we hope you will try again next time!

I sighed. I never win. Story of my life, it seems. Oh well, whatever. I’ll get a LELO toy someday. Maybe.

The silence of my self-pity is shattered by a slow, deep voice singing his ringtone. I answer, a little dejected, a little happy to hear from him.

“Hey, baby. Why don’t you come over and spend some time with me?”

“No… not today, honey. I think I’m just gonna stay home.”

“I really think you should come over. I have something for you.” I can hear the smile in his voice. I concede.

A short while later and I’m through his door, in his kitchen. He leans against the counter, grinning–no, beaming–at me. He’s up to something. I can smell it.

“C’mere, baby. Gimme a hug.” I go over. I give him a hug. My hands trail low, an irrepressible habit I developed upon discovering how great his ass feels in jeans. Except I don’t just feel his round, tight, bedenimed ass this time. I pull a long, smooth object out of his back pocket. Blue and white. Small button on one end. Smooth, smooth silicone.

I look up at him, questioning eyes meeting laughing ones as he takes the toy from me and turns it on, pressing it to my clit through my pants. I fight to keep my knees strong and straight as the vibrations tear through the fabric and into my cunt.

“Congratulations, baby. You’re a winner.”


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