Play Party and Progress

I went to a play party last night, the first one in months I think. It had at least been quite a while because Em and I could barely remember how to get to the dungeon.

I just have to say, I had a great time. It started out with me cuffing a friend to the wall-mounted St Andrew’s cross (there are two crosses in this dungeon, this one and a free standing, portable one) and flogging/cropping/paddling/spanking her, and towards the end another friend came up, grabbed her hair and made her come while I was spanking her. That was pretty awesome, a good start and my first time topping anyone but Em in that dungeon.

A little while later and it was my turn. I was cuffed to a couple of eyebolts in a back room and beat by three friends, one of whom is a VERY sadistic Dom. I trusted him, he’s VERY good at what he does, but I was also nervous because, well, he’s a hard hitter and he doesn’t accept fear-imposed limitations. He respects safewords and he respects the need to warm up and work up to a goal but he also believes in pushing limits, which really was a good thing because it’s what I was there for. I was feeling bottomy and I asked those friends to top me specifically because I knew they would push my limits but take care of me at the same time.

And they did. I took more and harder hits than I ever have before, and it really took me to a whole new place in my head. I wouldn’t call it a place of submission because I was DEFINITELY not submissive—swearing and calling names and arguing the whole time, yeah, that’s me—but perhaps a place of accepting the pain and not only taking it into myself but letting it fill and become me; it was a Masochist’s Sanctuary in my head. It felt so good to break right through those barriers I’d placed around my pain threshold in my mind.

Anyway. I can tell I’m waxing way prosaic on this subject and I could probably get even worse if I didn’t stop myself for my own good. To keep it short, yes, it was a really good time and really cathartic in more than one way. I look forward to doing it again!


2 responses to “Play Party and Progress

  • sweetspice

    And you’ll have lovely things to share for HNT this week too *grin*. I’m very glad you had so much fun sweetie.

  • strawbrykiwi

    “I was DEFINITELY not submissive—swearing and calling names and arguing the whole time, yeah, that’s me” … and that’s why we love you.

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