Review: Kookie Crop (And a Bonus HNT!)

Kookie Crop


To start off, the Kookie Crop from Babeland really isn’t all that kooky at all. It’s a pretty basic crop, your typical equestrian riding crop turned kinky (maybe that’s where the “kookie” comes in). Roughly 18” long and made of a sturdy but still somewhat flexible nylon-wrapped shaft topped with a 1 ½” wide leather hook and finished off with a leather handle textured and treated to create a VERY nice no-slip grip. This crop will NOT be flying out of your hand any time soon. Its handy size also makes it an ideal traveling companion, assuming you’re not trying to fit your sex/kink toys in a clutch purse.

Of course, as with all leather and porous products, keep in mind any contact with fluids that may rest on the surface of the object or person you are striking. Leather and nylon are not sterilizable, but of course can be superficially cleaned with a damp cloth or if you were feeling extra motivated, leather conditioner/soap. A horse-keeping friend of mine swears by Saddle Soap.

The Kookie Crop is one striking implement that I really don’t feel in any danger of breaking. It is a sturdy, well-crafted tool. Thus far I have enjoyed it for its originally intended use as a striking implement—leaves GREAT marks—and also as a sensation play tool, because the edges of the leather hook feel very different from the flat part.

It also got some great vocalizations of pain and trepidation from He Who Was Struck. Heh. Heh. Heh. The vocalizations from the crop are wonderful as well. The hiss of the shaft through the air, the slap of impact—oh yeah. Definitely built to impress.

Naturally, however, I couldn’t just let someone else have all the receptive fun! So, may I just say, this crop is niiiiice. It’s definitely stingy but not in an evil quirt-y way. The site of impact first feels the burn of immediate impact, then a tingly/stingy sensation spreads from the epicenter. It feels almost therapeutic, like Massage for Masochists. And oh yeah, the marks? Things of beauty. See for yourself.

crop1 crop2 crop4

crop3 crop5

Click through for full size pics. First row is me; second row is Em.

For less than $20, the Kookie Crop is a sound investment to any kinkster’s arsenal. I highly recommend it for newbie and seasoned pro alike. It absolutely did not let me down, and I feel very confident in saying that it likely won’t let you down either. MASSIVE thanks to Babeland for sending me this awesome tool!

Oh, and… happy HNT!


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