Review: Roulette


Okay, so Roulette is a queer porn video directed by Courtney Trouble and produced by It is comprised of a series of unrelated scenes separated by queer-themed music videos. Not only is it well put-together as a video but the organization also makes for an easy review. Here goes.

I gotta say, the music videos really weren’t my kind of music. But that’s personal preference. All in all the music videos did a good job of differentiating—without detracting from—the scenes. Plus they’re short music videos, so it’s not like I had to endure them for long periods of time.

On to the scenes. Scene one is a burlesque dancer femme (Ceci Delores) trying to get ready for a show but being distracted by (read: seduced by) her hot butch girlfriend. This was a very sweet scene—to be honest, more sweet than hot. It got hotter when the fingering action started, but otherwise my thoughts were that this was a very sincere, sweet scene between two people who actually care about each other and aren’t just together for the purposes of shooting a porn scene.

Scene two depicts a modded wrestler (Cyd Loverboy) sneaking into the locker room after practice and jerking off with his teammate’s glass dildo. Honestly… I couldn’t get past the technicalities of this scene to really enjoy the boi fucking himself. For one, a wrestler would NOT have those mods, not without having them all ripped out anyway. Two… someone else’s dildo??? Nevermind that in reality it was probably perfectly sterilized; in character the wrestler wouldn’t know if it were sterilized or not, and in fact implies that it is not because he sniffs it and smiles as though he could still smell his teammate’s fluids on it. That does NOT promote the sex-positive guidelines of safer sex. Maybe I’m being prudish here, but that just did not sit right with me.

Scene three involves Walter Crasshole and his new fiancé Nikolaj climbing up to a rooftop with some bottles of liquor and getting their groove on. This was another very sincere scene—obviously, since the two are newly engaged, or were at the time of shooting. I was also impressed by the condom use during intercourse, although it was slightly negated by the fact that they came on each other. The camerawork was also just a little bit shoddy during this scene; the angles actually sometimes interfered with what was going on between the guys, and the stability of the camera was lackadaisical at best. Also, as Mollena would say: TAKE YOUR DAMN SOCKS OFF. So, all in all: sincere, heartfelt, but not gonna get me hot.

Scene four, I feel, is the most bizarre scene in the whole video. It definitely provoked more of a “WTF??” reaction than a “HOT” reaction. In this one, Dia Zerva dressed in an unlikely burgling outfit breaks into a house and splays herself in front of the refrigerator, masturbating with… a jug of milk. By which I mean she poured the milk all over herself while stroking and caressing herself. Okay, okay, I get it. She’s playing on the whole “cat burglar” idea. But really? I guess if you have a milk fetish this scene would be hot, but for me, I just sat there waiting for it to be over. (So if this video is a game of roulette then is this scene the chamber with the round? Hee…)

Scene five, on the other hand, makes the WHOLE video. I would have paid money for this DVD just for scene five alone. It features Rozen being fucked in a bar by Syd Blakovich, Donny and Jiz Lee. She starts out being fucked with a becondomed bottle of Galliano by Donny while spread-legged on the bar—ohmygod HOT—before moving to a bar stool and finally to the pool table to enjoy the ministerings of the three others, one of whom was kind enough to lay down zir jacket to protect the felt. Let’s just say I was VERY impressed not only with the sincere enjoyment and good humor in this scene, but also with the safer sex practices studiously observed by all involved. Plus: it was HOT! The whole damn scene was hot enough to make my breath catch, and DEFINITELY got me wet and ready to take care of business. So this scene = total WIN.

The final scene featured Milo and Cole taking turns with a Feeldoe, and it was also hot. Not as hot as the last scene but still hot in a voyeuristic way because this was a very no-frills, blooperific scene (I mean most of you have heard by now how difficult at best the Feeldoe is) that really smacks of walking in on a couple fucking in real life. Milo is very femme and Cole is very butch but Milo had Cole bedecked in pink collar and cuffs, which I thought was hot in a wicked, toppy way. Also Milo left some VERY nice nail marks on Cole’s back, and I’m a biiiiig fan of leaving marks. So this scene gets a thumbs up as well.

Oh and the behind the scenes shots were also entertaining as hell. I would say the last two scenes plus the behind the scenes section make Roulette worth buying. The rest of the scenes work or don’t work depending on your preferences/fetishes. Take ‘em or leave ‘em. But I’ll certainly take this DVD and watch it again, especially the bar/pool table scene. YUM.

Thanks as always to Babeland for being kind enough to send me the video!


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