Review: Laya Spot

Welcome to my first Babeland-sponsored review! I’m pretty excited. For my first product, I was sent the Laya Spot by Fun Factory. So here goes.

This little ergonomically-designed clit vibe is roughly fit-in-your-palm sized, made of elastomer and hard plastic (elastomer being placed, of course, where the toy will make contact with the sensitive bits) and requires two AAA batteries, not included.

This little bad boy comes in a variety of colors, selection of which being at the mercy of your friendly Babeland packager. Whoever loaded up my box must have been psychic because mine is in a very pretty lime green elastomer with shimmery purple hard plastic accents. GREEN! Hooray!

The Laya Spot is very user friendly, requiring only the push-and-hold of the plus button on the top of the toy to turn on. It starts at the lowest speed which is barely a rumble, but you’ll know it’s on because the plus button lights up red. Then to cycle through the nine steady vibe strengths, you just keep hitting the plus button. Once you’re at the strongest vibe, push and hold the plus button again to cycle through the three pulse vibe settings. Hit the minus button to return to the strongest steady vibe setting, then just keep hitting the minus button to cycle back through the steady vibe strengths and finally to turn off. Not the quickest method of turning off a toy (therefore not conducive to a quick turn-off if needed to avoid awkward situations) but certainly not difficult to figure out.

Being made of elastomer, the Laya Spot is able to be cleaned with mild soap and water, but is not sterilizable due to its slightly porous nature. Use condoms if you want to share. Battery insertion/removal is very easy; just twist the hard plastic cap at the end (righty tighty lefty loosey) and insert your two AAA batteries according to the diagram next to the battery compartment.

Subjective (or My Thoughts):
My first observation upon turning on the Laya Spot is that it is a relatively quiet toy. It’s not something you’re going to get away with if, say, you have a roommate on the top bunk, but it’s definitely doable if you have your own room and can shut the door. Really quite discreet. Also very purse-friendly, assuming you’re not carrying a tiny clutch or something.

As for the actual use of the Laya Spot… it is both a fail and a win. Where the Laya Spot fails is, funnily enough, in its intended use. From what I gather, the Laya Spot is intended to be nestled over the pubic bone so that the flat underside of the head is nestled against the clit; thus it administers its vibrations and (supposedly) brings one to orgasm. Well, this did not happen. For one, the Laya Spot did not nestle at all. Once I did finally manage to get it to stay put over my pubic bone without sliding right off, the vibe even at its strongest was not enough to bring me to orgasm by just lying against my clit. Sensitive though my clit may be, I need pressure and movement as well as the vibration to get me off.

Howwwww-ever. When the Laya Spot is held in the hand (either in my hand or in the hand of a partner) and pressure/movement is applied in conjunction with the vibration… ohhhh yeahhhh. That’s where it’s at. Used in such a way, this little baby gets me off VERY well. I love that the underside of the business end is wider and flatter so I don’t feel like my clit is being poked at with sharp objects. The very tip of the toy IS a bit tapered though, so it can deliver more pinpointed vibrations if that’s what you need. It’s really quite versatile when used in this manner.

As for the strength of the vibe: well, if you’re hooked to your Hitachi, this little thing may not be strong enough for you. But if you’re looking for something more in the middle of the spectrum, the strength of this vibe is perfect. And the various speeds – plus the pulses – serve a variety of purposes. For instance, I find that switching between the three different pulse speeds serves as a very nice tease to get me worked up; the strong and steady vibe is perfect for The Moment of Orgasm; the softer steady speeds are custom made for drawing out those delicious little aftershocks without overwhelming my now very sensitive clit.

While falling short of achieving the status of hands-free, the Laya Spot appears to be simply built to serve and able to suit almost any clitoral need. It’s easy to use and makes my touchy and often picky clit very happy. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a compact, mid-range buzzy toy to tease out a clit orgasm or five. Thank you Babeland for letting me review this great little toy!


One response to “Review: Laya Spot

  • Kyle

    Great review. Since I am a fan of the Hitachi, I know now that the Laya Spot won't get me off all by itself, but maybe it would combined with something insertable.

    Your review is informative, well written and unbiased. well done.

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