Microfantasy Monday – Espionage

Thanks as always to Ang, the Sweltering Celt for the inspiration!

Down the corridor she slipped, breath bated, eyes constantly scanning the darkness ahead for any sign of threat. Her only goal now was successful escape, because the new and vital knowledge stored in the depths of her memory would only serve the client if she made it out alive.

Suddenly a noise echoed out into the hallway and she froze, listening for any recurrence. It didn’t occur, but in scouring that area for any sign of movement, she noticed the faint glimmer of flickering light coming from under one of the closed doors. Silently she crept closer, a sinuous umbrage cloaked in shadows, undetected.

In front of her stood the door in question, the golden light glinting from underneath the portal hinting at candlelight within. Cocking an ear to the door, she heard fainter versions of the noise heard before. Was it… moans? Now more curious than cautious, she knelt to press her eye to the keyhole. Her breath hitched as she caught a glimpse of the pair inside.

Suddenly the door rocked inward, its loose latch giving way under the pressure put on it from outside. Her breath flowed out on a curse as her body pitched forward into the room. She rolled to her feet as two heads snapped up, appraising her.

Suddenly one, the male, raised his hand and she tensed, on edge, ready for fight or flight – whichever suited the moment. But he only smiled, and beckoned.


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