An Update on the Hottie

Okay, so… the Hottie. Remember when I reviewed it and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread? Well, I’m not so sure about that anymore.

See, lately when I’ve been using it, or having it used on me to be more precise (did I mention we are the proud new owners of a Terra Firma harness? Review to come on that at some point, once I get the chance to use it myself…) it starts out alright but quickly descends into the realm of Pain That I Do Not Like. At first I thought it was the girth. It is 1 ½ inches in diameter, after all. That struck me as odd, though, because I’d never had girth issues before. Not that I’m a size queen or anything, but I’m certainly not shy about having a little oomph to my cocks.

Then the other night as it was being used on me verrrry slowly I realized: it feels great upon insertion, but it’s the pull back that hurts! And it dawned on me. It’s the ridge. That damn ridge between the head and shaft of the cock is catching on my inner crevices and doing its damnedest to pull me inside out. Doesn’t matter how much lube I use; it still catches. That is what’s causing the pain for me!

It’s a bittersweet moment of enlightenment, really. I loved the Hottie and as a cock, aside from this inescapable ridge issue, it really worked for me. It also means I’m still on the quest for The Perfect Cock – but what kind of an issue is that if I get to try out new toys, right?

So if you’re considering the Hottie, keep that in mind. If you have no issues with texture and ridges, the Hottie is still a great cock to try. But if your bits are a bit more sensitive like mine, you might want to look for something a little more streamlined.


2 responses to “An Update on the Hottie

  • Kyle

    Great information. You explained the problems very clearly. I have enough great cocks to not even bother with an iffy one like that.

  • sxychikadee

    I have the Little Hottie. All the girth in a shorter package and I haven't had the ridge issue with it. I did, however, have the ridge issue with the Small Twister.

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