Portland, Part 3: Saturday, and Goodbye to Portland

It was hard letting Kyle go the next morning. I just wanted to wrap my arms around him, clench my fists around each other and hold him to me, but alas the day called and he had a home to get back to, as did we after a couple of stops at Ikea and Powell’s bookstore. So I very reluctantly let him go. He dressed – sans bra, I should mention, as his nipples were too sore *wicked grin* – and after a bittersweet goodbye that I REALLY didn’t want, left to grab a quick continental breakfast with M and was on his way back to Washington.

M was kind enough to bring me breakfast while I was still in the hotel room working on getting ready, so we finished that, packed up the car and then headed out on our way to two final stops before saying a sad goodbye to Portland.

Ikea, I know, is a place you pretty much either love or hate if you know anything about it, but it’s definitely a place M and I looooove. We took a stroll through the store, had a delicious lunch of Swedish meatballs and spent a little money, then were off to Powell’s, the most amazing bookstore in the history of all the bookstores ever in history.

Seriously. If you are in Portland and do not or have not gone to Powell’s, you have lived an unfulfilled and very dreary life.

Needless to say, more money was spent there as well. M and I in addition to being fans of affordable, quirky Swedish home design are also raging bibliophiles, so we couldn’t walk out of Powell’s emptyhanded.

After that and a rather scenic drive through a part of Portland we hadn’t yet been to (not like I can really tell the parts, well, apart right now anyway), we managed to find the freeway with the help of a gas station attendant and made our not-so-merry way home. After all the fun, excitement and sheer happiness of being in Portland, neither of us wanted to return to our rather boring and unwillingly drama-filled life in southern Oregon. But we had to. And so we did. But not without much reminiscing of our time spent in that wonderful city as well as drawing out plans for eventually moving into the area. The PNW has so much to offer; I feel alienated by my own hand out here on its fringes. My heart is in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, and one day M and I will return – for good.


One response to “Portland, Part 3: Saturday, and Goodbye to Portland

  • Kyle

    It was hard to leave you guys too, but my life needed me to come back to it. I'm looking forward to when you guys move up here and can enjoy yourselves and have more fun.

    and I agree Powell's is a crack house for book lovers and we love Ikea.

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