Portland, Part 2b: Friday, Cont’d

It didn’t take long after we got back to the hotel room before Kyle had his very handsome black pinstriped Dickies shirt unbuttoned, exposing his butch cleavage to the room (and whoever happened to be looking in our third floor window). But really, no one’s clothes stayed on very long because clothes have this nasty tendency to get in the way of striking objects and, well, the feeling of skin on skin contact.

You know Kyle’s Belt of Doom, the one that left the pretty railroad-track marks seen in my last HNT? Didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. Felt pretty damn good, actually. Also felt really nice in my hands, and smacking against that butchtastic ass!

D’you know how much fun it is to test the limits of someone whose limits are already very stretchy? Well… it’s really, really, really fun.

See, I have this metal lined pleather slapper that feels wicked enough on its own, but the great thing is that the makers included a stretchy rubber wristband attached to a grommet in the handle of the slapper. If you turn the slapper around and grip the paddle end, suddenly you have a very wicked little whip that likes to bite… hard. And bite it did. Kyle’s thighs were VERY nicely striped after that!

At some point though we did all just finally collapse into bed, because it was well into the wee hours of the morning and no amount of playing was going to erase the fact that we’d all already had long days before we even met up. That didn’t last long, though, before M suddenly woke up hyper as all hell, waking the rest of us up with him. Somehow I think this was okay, though, because if we hadn’t been awake, then I wouldn’t have been able to test Kyle’s limits again… this time the limits of his nipples.

May I just say that I seriously thought I was close to ripping his nipples off a couple of times? And yet he just kept growling that amazingly sexy growl of his and begging for more. It was only after a very impressive amount of time that he finally begged me to be nice and, since it was the middle of the night and I was a little fuzzy in my brain, I acquiesced. After that, I’m pretty sure we slept through the rest of the night.


One response to “Portland, Part 2b: Friday, Cont’d

  • Kyle

    I enjoyed meeting you two and playing. When you guys get up to PDX, I hope to visit more often, and have you come up here as well.

    .. and my nipples were stingy for a day and a half after your attentions.

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